Collective Data Introduces New Director of Fleet Analysis

Collective Data is excited to introduce a new member of our leadership team who will play a crucial role in driving our success forward. Please join us in welcoming Geoff Long, our new Director of Fleet Analysis. 

“I am thrilled to be serving in the role of Director of Fleet Analysis for an emerging company such as Collective Data. The industry of fleet maintenance is always evolving, and I feel that this product can provide immense value to various organizations. In this role, I hope to provide value by sharing my insights and experience working in the industry. I am truly thankful for this opportunity, and I look forward to working with the leaders of this company.” – Geoff Long, Director of Fleet Analysis, Collective Data 

Geoff comes to us with an impressive background in fleet management, boasting years of experience with renowned companies like Amerit Fleet Solutions, Potomac Electric Power Company, Ryder, PepsiCo, and Amazon. His extensive industry knowledge and strategic insights make him the perfect fit for his new role.  

“Geoff’s arrival marks a significant step in advancing our commitment to optimizing asset management through data-driven strategies. I feel I can speak for all members of Collective Data’s leadership team that we firmly believe that Geoff’s expertise will further elevate our capabilities in Fleet and Quartermaster asset management.” – Jesse Farris, COO, Collective Data 

As Geoff takes on the role of Director of Fleet Analysis, he will lead our team in providing expert advice and analysis to our client implementations to streamline their fleet management operations. Geoff’s extensive experience in fleet management along with deep knowledge of the industry and best practices with fleet management technology is a major asset in allowing us to provide top notch client experiences. 

 About Collective Data 

Collective Data is an industry leader that centralizes fleet, asset and inventory data on one platform to help streamline your current processes and improve your bottom line. 

Our innovative, scalable, and proven cloud-based solution is built for medium to large companies and government agencies to empower you with a central data hub.