Better Fleet Maintenance Leads To Accident Reduction

By using fleet management software, one organization was able to significantly reduce costs by reducing accidents. I’ll explain how they did it.

Collective Data likes to follow up with clients throughout the year to see how they’re doing and learn more how their fleet management solution is working for them in particular. A government client of ours, who asked to stay anonymous to comply with city policy, told us that one of the top benefits they’ve seen from using the software is by reducing accidents. I found that particularly interesting as it’s not directly related to maintenance management but hinges more on driver behavior which isn’t software-driven.

Using a Collective Data fleet management system, the maintenance shop would link accidents and drivers to particular work order repairs when they came in.

The software allows a user to easily relate the work order to a particular accident for reporting and analysis.

Over time, through various reports provided in collectiveFleet, the supervisors started to notice trends. These trends started to reveal certain drivers that were more wreck-less, and the organization was able to take action with this data that they had never had before.

With the software in place, employees knew that their accidents and fender-benders were being tracked. As a result, drivers began to be more careful and the number of incidents started to decrease. They spent less time repairing vehicles. They spent less money on parts for repairs. They increased vehicle availability. They improved safety. It was the beneficial “snowball effect” of using a fleet management system like Collective Data’s.