Don’t Kick the Can Down the Road.

Find and fix small problems with your fleet vehicles and equipment before they become BIG ones.

How are drivers in your fleet currently notifying supervisors and the maintenance shop when they notice something’s wrong? If you don’t have a good way to get these notes down immediately, get them reported, and fixed, it can easily be overlooked. Something that is a small problem now may become a larger problem one down the road and significantly reduce the life of your equipment.

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.” – Henry Ford

That’s a very true statement. No one wants to be the “complainer”. Organizations should encourage drivers to report issues because it could save them a lot of money and headaches down the road. And the chances are, a driver will notice an issue before the piece of equipment is sent in for its scheduled inspection by the shop techs.

Make it easy for drivers to inform the shop of issues

Collective Data’s fleet management software has a simple way of keeping track of all these “maintenance requests” as we call them in the system. The driver simply logs into the software and enters the maintenance request section and enters in the information. They can also access maintenance requests with our web-based mobile apps module. Here’s an example of a maintenance request a driver would enter into the software:

Maintenance Request View

After it’s been saved, supervisors and the shop technicians will see the “maintenance request” in plain view above their task list, assuring that it won’t be missed.

Collective Data’s fleet management software creates a better communication process between drivers, the shop, and supervisors. Now organizations can do more to fix little issues early and not kick the can down the road.