Homewood Disposal saves money and improves processes across multiple locations with the help of Collective Data software.

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Homewood Disposal has grown from a small scavenger service to a full range solid waste, transportation, recycling and disposal service company since it’s inception over 50 years ago in Homewood, Illinois.

Currently operating a mixed fleet of over 1000 assets that range from route trucks, to stationary equipment, to trailers, Homewood Disposal has been able to take advantage many aspects of the Collective Data fleet management system to improve their operation.


At the time they began to look for a fleet management system, Homewood Disposal didn’t have a formal software system in place. Many processes were being tracked manually through spreadsheets and other means but it wasn’t as efficient as they’d like.

Beyond the standard needs of tracking equipment costs, managing preventive maintenance, and better parts tracking, they knew they would need a system that could adapt to their specific processes. After reviewing some software on the market, Collective Data appeared to be the best fit for their organizational goals.

“We felt that Collective Data software had the most versatility for creating and improving reports,” said Kyle Yonker, Fleet Manager at Homewood Disposal. “It was also very expandable to our needs and the multiple types of uses we had planned for it.”

We saved $25,000 in the first 6 months by going through our parts room and returning excess parts.


Homewood Disposal implemented collectiveFleet™ in 2012. To suit their specific needs, the system was also pre-configured with:

  • VMRS Codes
  • Automated Fuel Data Import (Gasboy)
  • Extended Asset Management (to manage nonvehicle assets)

“We were not tracking a lot of things prior to this software”, said Yonker. “We have been able to gather valuable data over time and are now getting regular reports such as the frequency of certain repairs, repair costs for specific vehicles, and the number of road calls per year.”


Homewood Disposal has seen a number of improvements to their operation since the software was implemented. One of the biggest impacts was through the elimination of excess parts after determining minimum and max levels they will need based on their data.

“We saved money in the first 6 months by going through our parts room and returning excess parts equal to about $25,000. We have also been able to extend our maintenance intervals and save money on parts thru better price comparison between vendors,” said Yonker.

The flexibility of the Collective Data system has proved to be a beneficial aspect in improving how they manage their operation.

“You can make this system do almost anything you would like,” Yonker said. “We’ve been able to standardize many of our own processes over our multiple locations and hold our vendors more accountable.”


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To learn more about how Collective Data software can help improve productivity in your operation, contact us today.

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