Monmouth County improves tracking on over 3,000 assets that supports their growing community

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Working hard to provide services for over 630,380 residents, the Monmouth County Public Works and Engineering Department is busy, to say the least. In 2006, the county realized that they could improve data management and do an even better job of managing all of their assets. To do this, the county implemented Collective Data’s fleet management software system, collectiveFleet, and they were able to save time, improve productivity, and report on detailed information related to each component of their fleet operation.

Productivity increases seen after implementation.

“It has been a very positive tool for the County as a whole,” commented Paul Grosselfinger, Acting Superintendent of Fleet Services for Monmouth County. “We are now able to easily and accurately keep track of all vehicles per department and it helps us provide up-to-date information through different reports that we can generate at anytime.”

Monmouth County has been able to be more productive and do more with less because they have the right information at their fingertips at a moment’s notice.

I am able to process reports much faster, and am able to produce detailed information on the equipment and vehicles to make sure all information is correct in half the time.

“Also, when one of our employees needs to find additional information, we can provide it to them in just a few seconds,” said Grosselfinger.

Time savings have also been realized through a data entry standpoint. According to Grosselfinger, data input, data removal, and the ability to transfer vehicles to different departments easily has really helped out in how they manage information.

For Monmouth County, an important piece of finding the right fleet management solution was flexibility. They needed detailed information, but they wanted it to be formatted the way they needed it for various regulatory requirements. Fortunately, Collective Data’s software technology is designed specifically to meet this type of need.

Flexibility was an important reason they chose Collective Data.

“If you have a situation like ours, it is best to have a system and support staff that will work for you and with you,” said Grosselfinger. “The collectiveFleet system is flexible, and the best part is that we can format it to do what we need it to do, even if it’s not already available as a standard application.”

Monmouth County has truly improved how they do business by having the right information on their equipment and fleet operation with innovative software technology from Collective Data. It is what will help them continue to provide superior services to their growing community, even as budgets in the government sector continue to be reduced or stay stagnant.


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