Placer County Sheriff sees an improvement in productivity and reduced downtime with the help of Collective Data software

Placer County Sheriff

Managing a fleet of patrol cars, admin vehicles, special units, pool vehicles, trailers, ATV, and snowmobiles, Placer County Sheriff has been able to provide even better service, produce better reports, and save time as a result of implementing the collectiveFleet® system.


Managing 300 active assets as well as data related to 500 inactive assets, Placer County Sheriff knew that it was becoming too cumbersome and time-intensive to continue to manage a fleet of their size with spreadsheets. They began searching for a fleet management system that would help them improve productivity and give them the ability to manage costs, prove maintenance histories, manage work orders, and help them do more with the same amount of staff.

“One of our main goals in purchasing software was to prove that maintenance and repairs were performed according to requirements,” said Matt Burgans, Fleet Manager at Placer County Sheriff. “It’s useful should an accident investigation ever reach that point. We would easily save the cost of the software by avoiding a costly lawsuit to due to the inability to prove proper maintenance.”

We have been able to schedule service more efficiently, which reduces downtime and expedites service.


After looking at about 12 different systems, Placer County Sheriff chose Collective Data to help solve the challenges they were facing. The collectiveFleet® system was implemented with a few configurations and options to meet their specific needs:


Since implementing collectiveFleet®, Placer County Sheriff has seen a number of benefits.

Improved Productivity: A number of processes were streamlined and made easier as a result of the software. One, in particular, is the ability for any staff member to enter service tickets online through the use of any pc, laptop, tablet, or phone.

“Using Collective Data has allowed me to delegate some of the daily operations to other staff due to the ease of use,” said Burgans. “I’m able to see the real-time disposition of assets and provide faster reporting to management.”

Less Downtime: Now that Placer County Sheriff is able to track asset service, work orders, and registration in real-time, they were able to reduce delays and help eliminate costly service repairs with their vehicles being maintained more efficiently.

“We have been able to schedule service more efficiently, which reduces downtime and expedites service,” said Burgans.

A Better View of Fleet Status: A better grasp of fleet status at any given time has been achieved with the same amount of staff. Placer County Sheriff is able to assess outstanding issues and provide better service and track costs easier.

“We were able to shrink our expenses in the last few years prior before installing the software, but we weren’t able to show where those savings came from specifically,” said Burgans. “With the Collective Data system, we are able to show where they did come from and find more ways to reduce expenses.”


Placer County Sheriff






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