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Ad Hoc Reports

Ad-hoc dropdown menu
Ad hoc dropdown menu

If you are wanting create a custom report and have searched for it in the reports section of the software and still can’t find what you are looking for then ad hoc reports are a great way to start.

Ad hoc reports can be accessed two ways. First the drop down arrow located to the right of the arrows on any of the views. Secondly if you right click on most of the views there is an ad hoc option there also.

ad-hoc windowAd hoc reports are organized so the top of the ad hoc creation window correlates to the far left side when the report builds. On the right side of the report creation window there are several buttons that will allow you to remove move up or move down the different columns to organize the report the way you would like.

To add additional columns there a drop down just below with a red plus sign next to it. Select the header you would like then push the red + to add that column. If you would like to rename the report and save for later you can do this as well.


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