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Table Editor

The Collective Data Table Editor allows users to see the fields they choose in a spreadsheet format. You can copy from, paste into, and quickly update many records at once. The list can be filtered, and the user can select the desired columns. The Table Editor is turned off in the security settings by default.

To open the Table Editor in any view, you will need to go to the Object Selector and select the down arrow button. In the object selector row use the down arrow button.


From the menu select Table Editor.


The Data Editor window will appear.

data editor

You can enter new records, or modify existing records.

By default it will open the Batch New Records, which is for adding new entries.

If you want to modify your current records, you will need to select Record Updates from the Data Editor. Then you may modify existing records.

batch dropdown

You may select the available columns to include by clicking on the Column Selection button.

Choose which columns you would like to view and modify by the check box.

Column selector

Click Done when ready.

You are now able to modify any record field you like by simply clicking on the field and typing in your change. You also have the ability to copy and paste a number of fields at once. When you are satisfied with your additions and modifications, click the Apply All button to save them and exit the Data Editor.

data editor 2

The Status column is a read only column that indicates whether a row has been changed/modified), unchanged, or is new.


You have options at the bottom of the Data Editor.


Add Row – Allows you to add another record to the database.

Copy – Allows you to copy data from the data editor.

Paste – Allows you to paste copied data to the data editor.

Apply All – Allows you to save the changes you have made to the data editor.

Reset – Allows you to undo changes you have made, as long as you haven’t saved them by clicking on the Apply All button.


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