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Why aren’t I seeing any technicians for work orders?

If you go into a work order after creating employees or the technician view, you might not see that new employee when assigning work orders. Why is that?

The reason for this is that you need to assign your employees as technicians either on the main tab of the employee view or on the job titles tab. The job title is not as important as the job type, job types are not editable but job titles are. To assign work orders the employee must be a assigned a job type of technician. To be assigned as a driver the employee must be assigned a job type of Driver. It does not matter if it is done on the Job Title field or the job Titles Tab, either or both will work.

Job Titles Tab
You can assign Job Titles to Employee records in the Job Title tab as seen above.
employee jobtitles pic
You can also assign the Job Title on the Main tab of the Employee screen.
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