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How to apply application file fixes to your application

If you are applying a *.cdatadist file, please make sure that the following precautions are met prior to following these instructions.
  1. Ensure that your Database is backed up. If you do not have a database backup plan in place, please use the System Admin Guide to create a backup prior to installing this update using the chapter on Automated Data Backup Procedures.
  2. Ensure the Application Server is connected to the Database Server.  Instructions on how to set this up can also be found in the System Admin Guide for setting up the Data Source Administrator.
  3. Ensure that the account used to access the Database has either DBO or Owner rights.  Please refer to your Database Administration manual if you are needing help with this. Having the database account set to Read/Write privileges may cause errors. This software modification may be making changes to the columns and tables in your database and will need elevated privileges to do so.


If you are applying a *.cdatacore file, Please make sure that the following precaution is met prior to following these instructions.
  1. Ensure that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable for (x86) has been applied.  Typically this can be found in the Add/Remove Programs dialog found in the Control Panel.  If you need to download and install this, go here.  This will need to be done on the both the application server and any computers that are running the Client software.



Applying new modifications and fixes to your application is very easy to do. The application file update only needs to be applied using one PC which has the Client software installed. Once this has been completed, all users will have the updates applied.

1. Save the file you received from Collective Data to your computer’s hard drive. You will need to access the file in a later step, so we suggest placing it in a directory you can easily locate later.

2. To select and grab the file you saved, you must close your Collective Data application and then re-open it. Enter any login information (if you have set up security within  the software). Click on the More button as seen in the screenshot below:

user login

3. Next, click on the Send System Updates button as seen in the screenshot below:

Send System Updates

4. Next, use the browser box (shown to the right) to locate the file that you saved in step 1. Once you’ve selected the file, click Open.

Find File

Then, log into your Collective Data application.

The Collective Data application will open and grab the cdatadist or .cdatcore file (example: update_partinv.datadist) and update the application files with the update needed.

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