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Migrating Collective Data Server to another computer with PostgreSQL database

Note: If this installation is on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, Vista or Windows 2008 server, please shut off UAC prior to the migration. This can be done by going to start-run-msconfig and clicking on tools-launch UAC and shut off. Next reboot the system. Windows secondary log in service must be enabled also. Go into control panel-admin tools-services and enable the secondary log in service.

1) Backup your current fleet database. To do this go to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.4\bin and run pgadmin3.exe, double click on the PostgreSQL data base server, if prompted for a login input your username/password (if it uses the default and you do not know it contact support) right click on your fleet database and choose the option to backup, make sure to choose the location to back it up to and file name, and give it the extension of *.backup. Copy this on to a disk. You can also export the data to XML rather than backup by going to the collectivedata desktop, right click, new-action-export data to XML. Click on the icon and name the folder, this will be created within the client folder.

2) Copy the collective data folder off of the current system running the collective server.

3) Restore it onto the file server

4) Go to C:\Program Files\Collective Data\collectiveServer 5.5 and launch install.bat

5) Go into services and verify the collective server service is installed and running.

6) Go to C:\Program Files\Collective Data\collectiveServer 5.5\postgres-install and launch postgresql-8.4.msi

7) During the installation make sure you record the password for the postgres account, you can email it to support@collectivedata.com and we will mark the account.

8) Create a fleet database using pgadmin3.exe from C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.4\bin when creating the database change the decoding from SQL_ASCII to UTF8

9) Right click on the database and restore the production copy you backed up.

To allow for other collectiveFleet clients to connect to the PostgreSQL database, you will need to make a change to a configuration file. On the server where collectiveServer is installed, open the pg_hba.conf file in the C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.4\data directory. Edit the file by adding the second entry/line shown below. This will allow for all connections.

# IPv4 local connections:
host all all md5
host all all md5

10) From the system running the collective server launch http://localhost:8080/admin, chose the data source administrator and verify the settings are correct.

Make sure to point all existing clients to the new server when logging in by launching the client and clicking on the adv. button and changing the server host. Next point the system to the new database by going to system-database administrator and changing the server host.

On the server launch the system admin page, http://localhost:8080/admin and click on the database admin and point the admin page to the new database location.

If PostgreSQL is installed on another computer, follow the same workflow.

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