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Core 6.39 Release Notes

Core 6.39 is Now Available!

A new update to the core technology that drives all Collective Data applications is now available. If you have any questions, please contact our support line.

A pre-release of this version has been sent to some customers to work with specific functionality. To check your version of Core, visit the About section of the software:

  • Client/Server Customers: Visit the top menu item Help and select The splash screen will display your current core version.
  • Web Version Customers: Click the System link in the top right section of the browser and select The current core version will display under System Information.

To receive your update, Please have your system administrator contact Collective Data support:

Toll Free: 800-750-7638

Email: support@collectivedata.com


General Notes

  • New version number format
  • Improved updating process now capable of handling multiple installed instances on the same machine. Requires a conversion process from Core versions prior to 6.39.7.


  • Enhancement – Feature Preview – New Report Engine
    • Reports V2 is a new reporting engine allowing improved layout design
    • Limited release – available only through configuration requests
  • Enhancement – Feature Preview – Health Monitor
  • Enhancement – Added Elapsed Time as an option for Pattern-based Schedules
  • Enhancement – Ability to clear Reference fields with “X” button
  • Enhancement – Added ability to run reports with the currently filtered list in a View
  • Enhancement – Default View for Security User/Group
  • Enhancement – Added ability to specify an IP white-list for connections to the application server
  • Enhancement – Added ability to for users to use their own email account instead of the system-wide.
  • Enhancement – Support to add registered trademark and TM to product names
  • Enhancement – Added Run Now button to Exception Report and Trigger Editors
  • Fix – Improved look and feel of SQL Editor in web client
  • Fix – Improved view generation in web client
  • Fix – Improvements to Advanced Filtering
  • Fix – Web Table Editor improvements
  • Fix – Improved Web Calendar/Scheduler UI
  • Fix – Improved support for labels in web client
  • Fix – Improved performance of long-running Imports
  • Fix – Improved handling of non-primary Data Sources
  • Fix – Web Editor improvements
  • Fix – Improved error logging when applying app updates.
  • Fix – Fixed a directory traversal vulnerability
  • Various other bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Enhancement – Add ability to paste multiple times from a single copy
  • Fix – Table Editor Columns were not pasting in correct order

  • Enhancement (Web) – Ability to clear Reference fields with “X” button
  • Fix (Web) – iPad orientation improvements.

  • Fix – Offline code allows Add New with an existing name
  • Fix (Web) – Better task notes support in browsers IE/Edge
  • Fix – Report Editor Report Options was creating a duplicate grouping box
  • Fix – Report Editor, adding an Include object to a section, the Include did not find includes

  • Enhancement (Web) – 24 Hr Clock support in Web Client
  • Fix – Improvements to Event processing
  • Fix – (Web) Better positioning for dialogs to be in user view-port
  • Fix (Web) – Border capability for containers in views

  • Fix – Users with create access and no update access would have fields disabled after viewing a record
  • Enhancement – Reports V2, ability to set dimensions and positions of graphic elements using variables
  • Fix – Calculations malfunction in FIFO for unsaved objects
  • Enhancement – When Item Selector is open, switching between Views will keep selector open
  • Enhancement – Ability to display the currently logged in user’s name in a report
  • Fix (Client) – Reports V2 was rendering only the first page in certain scenarios

  • Fix – Query Selection fixes

  • Fix – Read only fields not displaying as disabled in certain scenarios

  • Fix (Web) – Column Lists will size more accurately based on data

  • Fix – Copy/Paste not working in Table Editor in Web
  • Fix – In Views with Object lists, adding item with wrong parent produced error
  • Fix – Re-opening a saved advanced filter would cause the groupings to reset
  • Fix – Exporting to CSV not showing data when using regular filters

  • Enhancement – Added CC list to Triggers to add additional recipients on same email

  • Fix – Web table editor in sub lists not working
  • Fix – Web Shop Module Improvements

  • Enhancement – Improved logging in Fleet Complete Event
  • Enhancement – Added ability to specify Reply To address in Triggers
  • Fix – Improved Backwards compatibility with User Password Requirements

  • Enhancement – Allow object headers in Reports V2 and let them be repeated on page break
  • Fix (Client) – Time Fields don’t update if time value in database is blank

  • Enhancement – New Offline Editor released

  • Fix – Searching for a record and pressing enter doesn’t auto select that record
  • Fix – View not refreshing when Item is removed from list
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