2016 Customer Satisfaction

Another year has come to a close, which brings another compilation of our annual Client Satisfaction Survey results. I enjoyed reading the results because we have overwhelmingly happy users and we have people that are open and candid with where we can improve. As I expected and hoped, we confirmed we are doing a lot right.  On the flip side, we’ve identified where there is room to improve, and have already begun planning to that end.

Survey respondents include: mechanics, clerks, fleet managers, parts staff, IT, system administrators, programmers, and executives.

Last year, I communicated that support was going to be an area of focus. Some of the key initiatives we had planned for the year included:

  1. Recruiting additional support personnel
  2. Further integrating the application development team into customer support roles

These changes were planned to ensure our clients are able to continue to be supported at the level we strive for and that our clients expect. We were able to accomplish this and we see improvements in customer satisfaction as a result.

We are very proud to report that an overwhelming 93% of respondents indicated they are getting what they need from our support and services teams according to their expectations.


Diving into the product’s reliability, performance, and ease of use, we were able to move a lot more people to the Very Satisfied rating from 24.32% of respondents in 2015 to 36.05% in 2016.

Only 7% of respondents indicated the need for improved performance, and although that is a very small percentage, that is feedback we are taking very seriously as we create priorities for improving the platform in 2017.

So how do we plan to improve in 2017?

We are putting the final touches on our planning which includes some great new product improvements and simply just making what we currently have “that much better”. We will be introducing new user interface improvements, a reworking of reports to make changing them easier for anyone, and a support portal for our clients to review open tickets and identify the current status at any time.

I look forward to offering more information on these activities and to announce other important achievements in the coming months. I can’t thank all of our customers enough for their feedback and we look forward to making 2017 an incredible year.


Jason Wonase
President & CEO