A modern office environment promotes collaboration and room for growth.

Cedar Rapids, IA – December 19, 2016 – Collective Data, Inc., a leading provider of fleet and asset management software systems, has relocated into a brand-new building located in the historic NewBo district in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The new office features a modern, open concept that will allow for future growth and collaboration among teams.

“We’re very excited to be officially up and running at our new location,” said Jason Wonase, President and CEO of Collective Data. “The space turned out amazing and our goal of creating a unique work environment that fosters creativity, health, and future growth has been achieved.”

The new office is made up of over 12,700 square feet of space, divided up into three large open-office areas that surround a group of meeting and quiet rooms. The space also features two conference rooms, single offices, and a full-kitchen and dining area. With employee health in mind, Collective Data implemented sitting and standing desks throughout the space as well as on onsite gym with a wide variety of exercise equipment.

“We have seen consistent growth and wanted to build a space that would help attract local talent to join us in our mission,” said Wonase. “We care about our employees and want them to love coming into work each and every day in an environment that helps them thrive.”