Optimize your inventory by aligning orders to real-time requirements


Managing inventory can be tricky. Order too much and you end up storing items that take up valuable space and may eventually expire. Order too little and you end up waiting for parts to be delivered, which causes workflow to slow or stop. Neither of these scenarios is ideal or beneficial to any organization.

No matter what industry you are in, whether it be law enforcement, municipalities, construction companies, or trucking, you need to find that sweet spot in your inventory. When there is just the right number of items, workflow will be at its peak efficiency and your organization’s performance will improve.

Checking items in and out can be a nightmare when they are tracked on a spreadsheet or paper records. Checking items in and out electronically allows you to know where items are located, when they will return, and the condition they are in with a simple keystroke.  Email alerts and reports can offer insight in ordering, repairing, or replacing items before it becomes a critical issue.

Your inventory is more than just parts and supplies; it is the guts of your business and the backbone of your agency. Without the tools, parts, gear, supplies, or other material things that allow you to do your job well, you simply would not be able to perform. It is imperative that you know how much you have, what condition it is in, and where it is located at all times. Systems that can help you do that are invaluable.

collectiveQuartermaster Inventory View
collectiveQuartermaster Inventory View

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collectiveFleet® is a flexible software program gives you the power to gain control and continuously manage your vehicles, inventory, gear, parts, work orders, training, time, and more.

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collectiveQuartermaster® is the software of choice for law enforcement agencies to manage assets, assign equipment, track officer certification, and much more.

We have combined the most popular features of our legacy products, collectiveQuartermaster® and collectiveFleet® to create one powerful, all-encompassing software product, collectiveFusion®.