Streamline your fleet maintenance and control costs


Streamline your fleet maintenance and control costs with intuitive reporting, actionable data, and easily accessible workflow templates.

Keeping on top of your fleet vehicle maintenance is key to getting the most out of your vehicles.  Don’t fall into the money pit that can drive your costs up and revenue down. Know when it is time to replace a vehicle versus repair the vehicle.

Shop owners need to quickly retrieve information when there is a problem with a vehicle, in order to know how to react. With real-time information and a host of data arranged in meaningful reports, they can make the smartest decisions for the organization. Without knowing the full scope of each vehicle’s situation, decisions are based on guesses.

Fleet Managers need to be alerted when preventative maintenance is required to keep vehicles in top shape. This will eliminate the liability of running neglected vehicles on public roadways.  Emails should be sent to the Managers, as well as the Technicians, so work can begin as soon as possible.

Capturing data is the first piece of the puzzle. The data alone won’t do much for you. Reports that consist of actionable information are an extremely valuable asset to anyone managing a fleet of vehicles. Spreadsheets and paper charts will never reorganize data to make it more understandable for you. Electronic data management is the most effective and efficient way to manage your fleet.

collectiveFleet Asset Screen
collectiveFleet Asset Screen

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