Business Intelligence

Data is being created all the time. From waking up in the morning and logging onto social media, going to work, to coming home at night and watching Netflix. Our computer systems, our vehicles, and our phones are all sending data constantly. Once it’s been logged, companies take this raw data and use it to their advantage. They look at trends, usage, costs, and much more. It’s what’s known as business intelligence: the ability to bring raw data together to make meaningful and useful information.

Fleet Operations and Business Intelligence

There’s a wealth of data available to track within a fleet operation and many are already doing it to an extent using fleet management software. The problem is, many organizations have issues getting the data out and making useful information out of what they have collected. A fleet management system that’s focused on providing more advanced business intelligence will help you:

  • Make better decisions based on real information, not a “gut” feeling
  • Notice trends only seen through high level reporting
  • See where tasks are falling through the cracks
  • Budget more effectively and accurately

Putting the Data Together

Business intelligence is gained from the ability to produce and understand meaningful reports from the information that’s gathered on a daily basis. You may be familiar with some older software that requires SQL statements and complicated programming adjustments to run even the simplest of reports. With the technology that’s available today, you should be able to find a fleet management system that lets you:

  • Easily create custom reports on the fly
  • Select from a good number of pre-built reports that can be tailored to your needs
  • Filter and change parameters for any report for data mining
  • Export reports as .csv files, pdf’s, or email them to employees within the organization


When you’re able to make use of the data that you have, you’re able to act with confidence and ensure that you’re making the right decisions. Business intelligence is the key and finding a fleet management solution that provides it is critical. If you’d like to learn more about how Collective Data software provides business intelligence for fleet operations, request a demo and we’d be happy to show you how.