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6.0.38 Product Release Notes

Core 6.0.38 is Now Available!

A new update to the core technology that drives all Collective Data applications is now available. If you have any questions, please contact our support line.
A pre-release of this version has been sent to some customers to work with specific functionality. To check your version of Core, visit the About section of the software:
  • Client/Server Customers: Visit the top menu item Help and select About. The splash screen will display your current core version.
  • Web Version Customers: Click the System link in the top right section of the browser and select About. The current core version will display under System Information.
To receive your update, Please have your system administrator contact Collective Data support:
Toll Free: 800-750-7638
Email: support@collectivedata.com
Core 6.0.38 Release Notes
  • Now using InstallShield for initial install and upgrades
  • Inventory barcode scanning will now add quantity to existing items (R .8902)
  • User Guide available in web Help menu
  • Datetime field support: Limited release  Specifics: New available field type that combines date and time and includes time zone info. Use is limited to specific custom configurations.
  • Support for PostgresSQL 9.5
  • Event Editor – Moved from Events on Admin page into the new Event Editor
  • Keep Connections open for SMTP for sending multiple emails
  • Image resizer and Image scaling on server
  • Multiple Web Editor improvements
  • Multiple Table Editor improvements
  • Insert From Selection in web has Filter Control
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Fields can refresh a list
  • Auto-save on Poll History
  • Report Chart improvements (e.g. labels)
  • Log file structure on server – (I.T. enhancement)
  • Multiple improvements to secondary DBs – note on version .8829.
  • Behavior when a scheduled event is missed can now be configured to either run immediately next opportunity or wait until next scheduled time.  Default is to wait.
  • (Fix) Secondary DBs not opening when server starts up
  • (Fix) New Technician View – Shop Module: only new deliveries affected
  • (Fix) Unable to hide Create WO button on Maintenance Requests through security
  • (Fix) No feedback when downloading client update
  • (Fix) Client Reset Password returns symbols instead of text
  • (Fix) Create Object & User Messages were not decoding values when they were percent encoded.
  • (Fix) Events not running at scheduled time
  • (Fix) Client Import Dialog doesn’t show sub-object failures in error editor
  • (Fix) Web Import Editor Fix
  • (Fix) Date from String Variable Op won’t accept strings with time
  • (Fix) Add [Run Now] button to Exception Report and Trigger Editors
  • (Fix) Client fails to open documents with no error message when saved with invalid file name
  • (Fix) SSL certificate loading not working with concatenated certificates
  • (Fix) Can’t print a range of pages
  • (Fix) Events update last run when starting instead of when finished
  • (Fix) Server does not accept connections with SSL enabled if cert chain has errors
  • (Fix) Security Group Editor doesn’t show Object name with Field
  • (Fix) Internal miscellaneous fixes
  • (Fix) Internal integration fixes
  • (Fix) Events run twice if they take longer than a minute
  • (Fix) Zonar event brings in multiple engine hours for equipment
  • (Fix) Client Event Editor not showing Run Now button
  • (Fix) Emails not sent with AUTH NONE when username and password is blank
  • (Fix) Emails not sending for multiple addresses with extra whitespace present
  • (Fix) Directory traversal vulnerability
  • (Fix) Web Table Editor auto-incrementing fields sometimes double increment
  • (Fix) Running Events manually in multi-server can schedule them on a sub-server
  • (Fix) Ad Hoc Reports will not generate if an object prop field is being used
  • (Enhancement) Inventory barcode scanning can now add quantity to existing items
  • (Fix) Scheduled Events run multiple times when next scheduled run is during DST transition
  • (Fix) Service occasionally locks up
  • (Fix) Fleet Complete can’t authenticate
  • (Fix) Internal miscellaneous fixes
  • None
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