Inventory Management Software

Record keeping is critical for law enforcement and other governmental agencies to quickly pull information and assess meaningful information.

collectiveQuartermaster® is the software of choice for law enforcement agencies to manage assets, assign equipment, track officer certification, and much more.

Information is power. In high-stakes scenarios, quick and easy information transfer can determine life or death. collectiveQuartermaster® helps the emergency services industry save more lives by giving them a simple and quick way to enter and retrieve information.

Simplicity meets Efficiency

Each year, government agencies are asked to do more with less. Many who wear the uniform are forced to wear many hats. This is where Collective Data can help! Our software helps you build a more efficient process so officers and staff can keep their attention focused on saving lives.


Configurable Software

You decide how screens and reports display to provide you with the information you need.

Budget and Planning Reports

Budgeting and planning reports are more important than ever, especially when you consider the tight budgets in law enforcement.

Flexible Templates

Default and configurable templates allow flexibility for data entry, issuing items, and reports.

Track Licensing and Certifications

Documenting officer training is more important than ever. Never lose or overlook an expiring certification or training.

Automatic Alerts

Stay informed of actions, deadlines, scheduled tasks, and security breaches with automatic email alerts.

Track Grants and Funding

Keep a sharp eye on expenditures related to specific grants or funding and produce comprehensive reports for agency requirements.

Stay in Control

Having the right tools to do the job efficiently and effectively, means staying in control of every situation. With collectiveQuartermaster®, you will know the location and value of your assets and equipment at all times. This information can be used to justify funding needs, prove your compliance, conduct audits, and reduce liability.

Accommodates any Division, Section, Squad

Governmental agencies, especially those in law enforcement, function in a fast-paced environment where it is critically important that information be collected quickly and correctly. Effective asset management software must be intuitive and ready for action around the clock.

Stay Proactive

Ever changing governmental regulations will shift the needs of your agency. Remain flexible and adaptable with software that ensures you remain current with these shifting changes.

Free Ultimate Asset Guide for Law Enforcement

Download our guide to learn how implementing the right tools can save you time, decrease costs, and remove potential audit headaches.

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