Implementing a Comprehensive Asset Management Solution Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

As you’re considering a fleet management solution or inventory management solution for your organization, you probably have a long list of questions—and we have answers!

Check out some of our most popular FAQs below, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions we didn’t answer.

FAQs about Collective Data's Software

Who is Collective Data?

-Collective Data provides high-end asset management software that has supported private companies and government agencies for over 25 years, operating out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our team has just the right combination of seasoned experience and fresh talent. With an average of 15 years experience, each member of our team knows how to build the right tools for your job. 

We are a team of innovative thinkers with a unique perspective. We know what you need to succeed. Government agency or private company, we have the answers to your questions about how Collective Data software can help you do your job faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.

What products does Collective Data offer? 

-Our software offers the tools to get the job done, whether you’re operating a large fleet or an entire law enforcement agency. Add it to your asset management arsenal and expand or adapt as needed—our asset management solution helps streamline your processes without a complete overhaul. 

You can track virtually everything with our software, and it’s all accessible from an easy-to-use mission control dashboard. Simply choose your base solution—Fleet or Quartermaster—and layer on the features you need to be successful. Collective Data offers custom solutions without the added costs.

Who does Collective Data serve? 

-Our innovative and scalable fleet, asset, and inventory management solution primarily serves the fire, law enforcement, government, construction, and utilities industries. However, we can support virtually any industry that would benefit from streamlined data, better tracking of assets and people, and crystal clear reporting that helps reduce waste and increase efficiency. Plus, our solution grows along with your business.

Who can help me?

-If you are interested in speaking with someone from our team to learn more about our software, please click here. If you are a customer looking to contact our team, please contact your dedicated client success manager.

Does Collective Data have a mobile app?

-There is no downloadable mobile app for Collective Data. However, our software is cloud-based and can be used on any smartphone browser or tablet.

How often do you release updates?

-Releases come out every other Wednesday.

What’s considered an asset at Collective Data?

-An asset is a high-dollar, serialized item for which users will want to track the life cycle/replacement date.

What if I add or remove vehicles? 

-Assets can be manually added or added using an import. If you need to remove vehicles, you can inactivate the asset so the history isn’t lost and it doesn’t show in your active assets.

How can I contact support? 

-Our support team is available from 8am-6pm CST Monday-Friday. You can contact them by phone at 800-750-7638 or email

Who can I contact if I have a question and when is support available?

-Your dedicated client success manager is your main point of contact at Collective Data. Our support team is also available for any technical questions.

What does the implementation process look like?

-We set up in phases starting with the discovery phase, which is centered around establishing project expectations that include timelines, scope of work, and establishing a communication plan. 

The second phase is the development and data entry phase that allows us to not only get data in the application, but build any customizations/modifications/reports we discussed during the discovery phase.  

The third phase of the project is go live & implementation. During this time, we’ll summarize workflow findings from the discovery call to confirm accuracy, build a training plan, and ensure all organization settings are set up. During this phase, we’ll also provide training to all end users.

After training is complete, you’ll move into the sustainment phase that focuses on weekly check-ins initially to ensure users are comfortable in the application and any supplemental training is performed as needed. After a few weeks, the check-ins will move to monthly to ensure data accuracy for reports.

During implementation, what learning opportunities do you offer? 

-A training plan will be designed specifically for your organization.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract? 

-No, the platform is available with an annual subscription.

How do user permissions work?

-We have the ability to create different security groups and customize permissions based on your needs. Our editor allows users to determine if they want to limit a view, a tab, a view, or even a set of data. During your implementation process, you will work with a learning and development coordinator to understand your needs and help build them.

If we decide not to renew with Collective Data, will we still have access to the application or to our data?

-While you won’t have access to the application, you will own the data itself. Collective Data will return your data in an acceptable format.

Can I import fuel transactions from my fleet fuel card provider? 

-Yes, we have several methods that allow us to import fuel transactions.

Can I update mileage information from an external source, like a GPS system?

-Yes, we have several methods that allow us to update meter information from an external source.

Can I import DVIRs from my GPS provider? 

-Yes, we’re able to import your DVIRs from your GPS provider for a streamlined maintenance process.

Can I import my financial system with Collective Data?

-Yes, we’re able to import financial information into the application.

Can I import data from another system or from a spreadsheet we’ve been using?

-Yes, we have several methods that allow us to import your data into our application.

Can I make custom reports?

Yes—while we offer over 130 stocked reports, there are multiple ways to create custom reports in our application.

Can I integrate barcode scanners and printers? 

-We offer a full range of Zebra® brand hardware to accompany your Collective Data software and complete your toolkit when it comes to managing your equipment, assets, and gear. Hardware is optional, but it complements our software in a way that will streamline your data management process and provide the full benefits of the system.

What level of access does the client have to the SaaS environment?

-No direct access to the SaaS environment, only to the application itself.

How many users can access the application at once? 

-Licenses are concurrent, so depending on how many licenses are purchased, you’re able to have that number of people in the application at one time.

Can we use our own email server to send emails? 


Do you support MFA?

-Yes, if ADIR is purchased and the AD environment has MFA configured.

If Collective Data is hosting our application, is there a limit to the amount of data/storage we have? 

-No, however we monitor the type of usage to make sure it is appropriate.

How many assets, inventory items, and employee records can I create? 

-The number is infinite! We have some clients that manage approximately 100 assets, 0 inventory items, and 5 employees, and other clients that have 15,000+ assets, 80,000 inventory items, and 1000+ employees.

Is the application web-based? Can I use it on mobile devices? 

-Yes, the application can be used on any device with a browser and internet connection. We also offer offline audit functionality for reconciliation and audits performed without an internet connection.

Is the application barcode-ready? 

-Yes, the application integrates with barcode scanners and printers.

Can I set the application up with different user permissions? 


Does the solution include alerts and notifications? 

-Yes, we offer some alerts and notifications in our base product. If you are wanting to customize those or build your own, we offer a module that allows you to do so.

Can I capture multiple levels of approval? 

-Yes, we offer an approval module that allows you to build approvals to meet your needs.

Can I streamline processes from request to retirement? 

-Yes—during the implementation process, your L&D coordinator will work with you to understand your needs and offer a streamlined solution.

Can I print shipping labels? 

-We’ve worked with shipping carriers in the past to allow users to integrate this functionality.

Is there an API and can the application push and pull with third-party software? 


Is active directory or single sign-on available? 


How long does it take to go live? 

-Once we understand the scope of work, we will create an implementation plan to meet your needs.

Can I build my own reports? 

-Yes—while we offer over 130 stocked reports, there are multiple ways to create custom reports in our application.

How much does it cost? 

-Please click here and complete the form so we can learn more about your organization and provide a customized, accurate quote.

Can I add, re-name, and/or remove fields in the application? 

-Yes, we offer a service that allows for this.

Can I forecast for inventory consumption, replacements, and budgetary reasons?


Can the system tell me when I need to re-order? 


Can the solution use e-signature? 


Can you attach documents or photos? Is there a limit? 

-Yes, you can attach documents and photos. While there is no limit, we do monitor storage to ensure the application use is appropriate. 

Can I use the application offline?

-Yes, there is a module that allows certain aspects of the application to be taken offline. 

Can I track accidents/claims? 


Does Collective Data integrate with third-party recallers? 


Is there forecasting available in the system to help determine the right time to replace an asset or vehicle? 


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