Manage Your Construction Business with Intuitive Construction Fleet Management Software

Whether you’re building bridges, schools, homes, or hospitals, your work is measured in quality and efficiency. Collective Data’s construction fleet management software helps you more effectively manage your construction business so you can deliver—on time and on budget.

Proactively track your vehicles, parts, and equipment to ensure the right preventative measures are being taken. Keep up with driver training and certifications and see what’s happening across job sites. Our solution is a gateway to the critical information you need to run a successful construction business, from one centralized and easy-to-use platform.

Stay in the Loop, Even Off-Site

Know where your assets are at all times and avoid the costs associated with unaccounted for or underutilized equipment and vehicles.

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Avoid Unexpected Downtime and Costs

Track vehicles and equipment that require regular maintenance, repair, and auditing, and maximize the life of your existing equipment for easier budgeting.

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Access Data from Anywhere in the Cloud

On the job site or in the office, you can take control of your business and make smarter decisions based on real-time information and data.

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Streamline Your Data

Our asset management solution integrates with other software solutions to provide even more meaningful data about your business—and you only have to look for it in one place.

Explore Fleet

Your business runs when your vehicles and equipment run. Our Fleet software helps you check all the boxes to keep it all working like it should. Collective Data is #1 in fleet management—there’s no one out there that does it better.

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Know Before You Bid

Analyze equipment costs based on historical data before submitting a bid so you can better predict your profit margins on a project.

Log More Productive Hours

Build a workflow that fits the needs of your business and allows crews to be more productive, with continuous data on employees and equipment at your fingertips.

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Quickly Find What You Need in One Place

You don’t have time to toggle between multiple platforms. Our asset management software puts it all in one location for you.

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Predict the Future

Days on the job site are mostly unpredictable, but our solution can help you forecast when maintenance and repairs are needed and how they will impact your business.

Trust in Data Restored

Citizens Energy Group configured Collective Data’s fleet management software to match their exact needs, which included one easy-to-access, secure space to view their fleet data.

“We use Collective Data as a complete fleet management system for our internal and external service staff. The ability to set up user security levels gives us total control of who can enter data and what can be imported, all while making it simple for our drivers to request maintenance.”
- Crit Crabtree
Manager Engineering, Citizens Energy Group

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