Client Testimonials

Colorado State Patrol

“In the first couple months, Collective Data saved us $60,000+ with just radios alone.”

– Stephen Farrar

IT Communications, The Colorado State Patrol

Chatham County Police Department

“The ease of operation, the user-friendly aspect of the software is what truly sold me from the beginning, as well as knowing what a police department truly needs when it comes to inventory software. What used to take hours to do on our old system now takes mere minutes to accomplish. The ability to generate reports on a variety of subjects in seconds is amazing, and it makes my job so much easier when the Chiefs come to me with questions or the need for numbers on this or that ASAP. The training staff are top notch and made sure we knew the software inside and out before we were ready to be cut loose and work on our own. They worked with our schedules and were so helpful if we needed extra time to go over something. If I have issues or something pops up, they are only an email or phone call away, and they get back to me and help me in no time flat.”

– Marty Ellis

Quartermaster, Chatham County Police Department

Speedy Transport

“Collective Data is straight forward and user friendly. You can login from anywhere. The customization is endless and can be tailored to your specific company’s needs.”

– Arlene Short

Manager, Maintenance & Compliance, Speedy Transport Group, Inc.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office (CPSO)

“The customer service with our countless phone calls/weekly conference calls, email messages, and prompt responses goes above and beyond expectations. The problem may not be resolved instantly, but I know that there will be answers within a few days or on our next conference call.”

– Tracy Pittman

Archive & Supply Supervisor, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office

Chandler Police Department

“Great customer service, the program is very easy to use and when I do have an issue or need a new report created, Collective Data’s customer service is very helpful and walks me through everything.”

– Catherine Roeper

Quartermaster, Chandler Police Department

Marion County Public Schools

“We needed a more streamlined and efficient way to manage our large bus fleet with multiple repair shops. From data management to reporting, we were looking for a solution that would help us optimize our resources, make sure repairs and PMs were managed and performed on time, and that we could better manage and track our inventoried parts.”

– Paul Grosselfinger

Fleet Manager, Marion County Public Schools

Citizens Energy Group

“We use Collective Data as a complete fleet management system for our internal or external service staff. The ability to set up user security levels gives us total control of who can enter data, what can be imported, all while making it simple for our drivers to request maintenance.”

– Crit Crabtree

Manager Engineering, Citizens Energy Group

City of Woodbury

“With our old system, we struggled to close the loop and were typically $50K to $80K in the hole at year end and scrambling to allocate those changes. With Collective Data, we don’t have that issue. Our inventory and billing allocation associated is up to date, allowing us to accurately account for each part.”

– Mike Zilka

Fleet Specialist, City of Woodbury

Tennessee Department of Public Safety

“Because it has capabilities beyond tracking equipment and uniforms, that’s what really sold my higher-ups. The system can also do fleet management and ordinance. The Department of Safety can expand on using this program.”

– Gary “Lane” Phillips

Tennessee Department of Public Safety (TDPS)

Columbia Helicopters, Inc_

“A tremendous amount of labor has been saved by eliminating the need to go through individual files to tabulate various costs. It is now all available at the push of a button.”

– Rick Carroll

Fleet Manager for Columbia Helicopters

New Jersey City University

“The Collective Data system can be customized to follow your business process as you need it. It becomes much more efficient and allows for better cost reduction.”

– Patrick Bartole

Automotive Fleet Manager, New Jersey City University

City of O’Fallon, Missouri

“We were able to deliver a better product and the customer is much more informed of the vehicle condition and the cost that vehicle has to the city. As an experienced fleet manager with over 20 years of experience, this system runs alongside my experience and continues to impress me.”

– Jason Del Pozo

Fleet Manager for the City of O’Fallon

Schmitty & Sons

“Our records are organized much better with this system. Now all of our forms and maintenance records are stored electronically. As a result, it is much easier to look for specific information and create reports as needed.”

– Mike Forbord

Fleet Manager at Schmitty & Sons