Gain Greater Visibility into Your Utility Fleet with Versatile, Cloud-Based Asset Management Software

Managing high-value equipment and vehicles to keep your community moving forward is no small feat. Keep your fleet ready at all times with a fleet and asset management software solution that adapts to the utilities space.

Just as your communities rely on electric, oil, gas, cable, and telecoms, your crews depend on their fleet to be ready at all times. From managing equipment maintenance and issuing parts kits to managing job costs and employee efficiency, Collective Data’s configurable asset management solution can do it all.

Power your fleet and see how your operation is performing at any given moment, all from one central hub.

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Get Maintenance Notifications

When a piece of equipment needs service, know about it ahead of time so you can plan for maintenance gaps or budget for replacing equipment.

Track Everything

Easily track vehicles, physical assets, and even employees from a single user-friendly dashboard.

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Boost Crew Efficiency

Keep equipment and crews in the field longer and make it easier to view and speed up workflows with real-time data at every turn.

See the Big Picture

Consolidate your tools and platforms so when you need a 10,000-foot view of your operations, everything is in one place.

Explore Fleet

Conditions in the field are changing constantly, which can make tracking your vehicles and equipment a significant challenge. Collective Data’s Fleet software gives you the ability to efficiently manage your resources so you’re ready for anything.

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Data at Your Fingertips

When an asset is nearing the end of its lifecycle or when you need to view records on a previous job, you’ll have an intuitive dashboard to see all the data at once.

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Be More Proactive

Ensure your fleet is operating at peak performance without having to manually track down service schedules and equipment details.

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Make Smarter, More Cost-Effective Decisions

Access the data you need to keep everyone informed on costs related to your fleet and reduce wasteful spending.

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Eliminate Roadblocks

Create a workflow that makes sense for your operations so crews can stay productive and get their jobs done.

Production Soars

After implementing an asset management system, a municipality transformed various aspects of their fleet operation to improve cost management and productivity.

“We are able to deliver a better product and the customer is much more informed of the vehicle condition and the cost that vehicle has to the city. As an experienced fleet manager with over 20 years of experience, this system runs alongside my experience and continues to impress me.”
- Jason Del Pozo
Fleet Manager for the City of O'Fallon

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