Take Control of Your Asset and Inventory Management and Focus on Saving Lives

You’re part of a high-visibility, high-stakes organization. While there are many factors you can’t control on the job, you can control how your agency’s equipment and supplies are organized and managed.

For law enforcement personnel, an easy-to-use asset and inventory management solution could mean the difference between life and death.

Quartermaster is the software law enforcement, fire departments, and government agencies trust to manage their assets, assign equipment, track certifications, and make critical information readily accessible.

Our configurable, cloud-based solution provides a simple way to enter and retrieve information to ensure equipment is in the right hands when it’s needed most.

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Round-the-Clock Visibility

Know the location and value of your assets and equipment at all times. Monitor who is doing what in your system and stay in control of every situation.

Built to Serve and Protect

In your fast-paced environment, you don’t have time to wait around for information. Like your personnel, our asset management software is always ready for action.

Scalable and Flexible to Fit Your Needs

When you’re asked to do more with less, or when changing regulations shift your agency’s needs, you can easily make changes so the software adapts to your current and future state.

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Eliminate Tedious Tracking

Quickly report on your inventory, assets, people, and property—no pen, paper, or spreadsheets needed.

Standout Features

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Configurable Software

You decide how screens and reports display and provide the information you need.

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Budget and Planning Reports

When budgets are tight, these reports will keep you on track and hold your agency accountable.

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Flexible Templates

Take control of data entry, issuing items, and reports with default and configurable templates.

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Track Licensing and Certifications

Document officer training and make sure expiring certifications or trainings don’t get overlooked.

Automatic Alerts

Stay informed of actions, deadlines, scheduled tasks, and security breaches with automatic email alerts.

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Track Grants and Funding

Keep a close eye on expenditures for specific grants or funding, and produce comprehensive reports for your agency.

Explore Add-Ons

Does your asset and inventory management solution require additional features to fit your agency’s needs? Check out our add-on modules.

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Maximize Your Current Investment

Already invested in other fleet management tools and software? Collective Data offers various software and hardware integrations so you can continue using existing tools without starting back at square one.

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Learn how Collective Data asset and inventory management software allows your team to be more proactive and productive—see it in action!

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