Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Asset Management Solutions for Law Enforcement

Within your agency and on the job, you face a unique set of challenges. Your law enforcement asset and inventory management software shouldn’t be one of them.

Collective Data offers a configurable record-keeping and reporting solution designed for law enforcement professionals. Track and manage important inventory including portable radios, weapons, electronics, computer equipment, cameras, personnel records, and more—all from one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Cut reporting time in half and ditch the spreadsheets so you can focus on fighting crime.

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Track Police Assets and Inventory

Track where your fixed assets are located, who has them, and when they’re due back. Assign responsibility to employees, customers, and even vendors.

Manage Employee Records

Create automatic alerts for all required license and certification tasks that are due or in the pipeline, including weapon qualifications and active duty training.

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Maximize Your Existing Inventory

Perform detailed inspections to ensure your assets are field ready and determine when new items are needed for fast, easy ordering.

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Easily Generate Reports When You Need Them

Create comprehensive reports with graphs that sort by location, asset category, assignment, and more. Download and save in multiple formats to reduce reporting time.

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Integrate Data with Other Systems

Our inventory management software is compatible with barcode scanners, label printers, and other hardware, as well as with many leading fuel card providers, GPS systems, and accounting software.

Explore Quartermaster

Your world is fast-moving and always changing. Quartermaster keeps pace by collecting and delivering the data you need, when you need it.

Continuous Visibility

Monitor your equipment and know who’s doing what in your system at all times.

Adapts on the Fly

As needs or regulations shift, you can easily make changes to your software.

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No More Spreadsheets

Keep track of your data and generate the reports you need in the cloud—enough said.

No More Surprises

Asset management is no longer a guessing game for this law enforcement agency. They gained greater visibility and accuracy through their asset management software, which led to more efficiency and cost savings.

“The software works great and is easy to use! It’s been instrumental for managing our inventory, property, and people. At any point, we are able to answer who has what, when it’s due back and how many I have in stock.”
- Captain David Duff
Dade City, PD

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