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Law Enforcement Asset and Inventory Management Software

Law enforcement agencies operate in a high-visibility, high-stakes environment. They’re accountable to the public for what they do and for the tax money they spend. And they have to deal with many factors they can’t control, from criminal behavior to social, political, and community issues. In that kind of climate, organization and management are crucial—especially when it comes to equipment and supplies. That’s why we invented a comprehensive law enforcement tool designed for law enforcement. See how Collective Data can work with your current systems to improve your asset and inventory management process.


Organizations that Trust Collective Data

A Comprehensive Record Keeping and Reporting Solution Designed for Law Enforcement

Track, Manage, and Report

A comprehensive assets management system releases end user responsibility and allows assets to be reallocated and tracked throughout your organization. Keep records of all your important inventory such as portable radios, weapons, electronics, computer equipment, cameras, personnel records and more.

Track Police Assets & Inventory

Track where your fixed assets are, who has your assets, and when your assets are due back. Checking out assets allows you to assign responsibility to an employee, a customer, or even a vendor.

Manage Employee Records

Save time with automatic alerts for all required license and certification tasks that are either due or in the pipeline, including weapon qualifications and active duty training.

Report Easily with Ad Hoc Generator

Create comprehensive reports with graphs that sort by location, asset category, assignment and more. Easily customize, download and save reports in mulitple formats to save up to 50% on reporting time.

How to Get Started

Want to learn more about how Collective Data can help your Law Enforcement agency? Talk to our team of experts.






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Is it secure and in compliance with local, state and federal regulations?

With local, state and federal legal issues in play, a system used by law enforcement has to be secure. Collective Data software integrates with many leading fuel card providers, GPS systems, accounting software, and more so more to provide the ability to easily transfer data back and forth without sacrificing features, data security and access control you need. Read more about our software integration capabilities.

What's covered in the demo?

A product specialist will contact you with a few simple questions about your organization’s size, needs, and current process — This will take about 15 minutes. Then, they can offer you a customized solution that will address your needs. They can also explain how to integrate the solution seamlessly with your current process and systems. Get started now by chatting with a product expert or scheduling a demo.

How much does collectiveFusion cost?
What kind of inventory does it manage?

Our unique software will help you manage all assets, including but not limited to: inventory, fixed assets, people, and facilities. By logging your assets in collectiveFusion, you will be able to:

  • track individual asset details, including purchase information, life cycle, inspections, repairs, warranty details and assignment history
  • streamline ordering, approval and signing
    in-and-out processes
  • receive automated alerts, report and schedule license and certifications for all of your team members

Download our Ultimate Guide to Asset and Inventory Management for Law Enforcement for more information about collectiveFusion’s features.

Is it barcode-capable?

Yes, our software is fully barcode-technology compatible with barcode scanners, label printers, and other hardware. We also offer a full range of Zebra® brand hardware to accompany your Collective Data software and complete your toolkit for managing all of your equipment, assets, and gear. (Hardware is optional; however, it complements our software).

What kind of reporting capabilities does it have?

Reports should be clear for all end users. Our ad hoc generator will pull reports automatically, exactly the way you need them. It allows you to easily add graphs and custom totals to share vital information with your team via email in multiple formats, including PDF and CSV, or in print when needed.

There’s not a lot of law enforcement inventory systems out there. When I was researching solutions, I tried to find the top five, and the system that fit all of our criteria was Collective Data. Because it has capabilities beyond tracking equipment and uniforms, that’s what really sold my higher-ups. The system can also do fleet management and ordinance. The Department of Safety can expand on using this program.

Gary “Lane” Phillips
Tennessee Department of Public Safety (TDPS)

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