Asset Management Software That’s as Configurable as It is Robust

There are many asset management solutions on the market designed for specific industries. But what about the industries that don’t neatly fit those parameters?

Collective Data has created a highly configurable fleet and asset management software that can be tailored to fit a variety of industries.

One thing these industries have in common: their desire to streamline outdated manual processes, boost productivity, and cut wasteful spending.

Our solution helps you track, manage, and report—all from one simple yet sophisticated dashboard—so you can see the big picture of how your organization is performing.

Industries We've Served


A Pig Farmer Looking to Track Vaccines and Prevent Loss

Collective Data stepped in to make sure one of the top five pig farms in the US could prevent loss of its operations. By configuring our software to customize reporting, tracking, system event notifications, and loss alerts, they were able to prevent loss and track vaccinations.


A Fortune 500 Energy Company Wanted a More Efficient Way to Track Weapons, Ammunition, and Repairs

We configured our software to track and itemize the number of shots fired per weapon to more accurately reflect the use and duty cycles. This helped ensure the nuclear protection division was maintaining preventative maintenance and weapon standards.

Higher Education

A Major University Wanting to Quickly Issue Protective Gear

That thrilling last-second score can lead to the immediate need for crowd control, which means issuing protective equipment quickly. The university needed a simple, efficient solution and Collective Data delivered.

An Ivy League University Searching for a Way to Track Fleet-Related Expenses

We configured and built an enhanced fleet billing module to further break down the data needed and specialized views to make that data useful and reportable.

Information Services

A Midwest Library Looking to Manage Expensive IT Equipment

One of the fastest-growing libraries needed a simple check-in and check-out process for their IT equipment needs. Collective Data created a solution that increased accountability with patrons and employees.


A Landscaping Company with a Variety of Critical Business Assets

In the landscaping business, it’s mission-critical that unique fleet needs are addressed and configured. Collective Data configured a solution that could suit all of these specialized assets in a way that worked with the landscaping process.

Performance Arts

A Musical Academy Seeking More Efficient Management and Tracking of Grant Funding

The academy now easily tracks purchased inventory and assets through a specified grant view, which has made reporting and compliance efficient and accurate.


One of the Nation’s Largest Roadside Assistance Organizations

Collective Data helped configure a unique solution for better tracking and deploying thousands of car batteries in stockrooms across the country.

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