Proven Asset, Fleet, and Inventory Management Software for Today’s Toughest Challenges

Facing a challenge that seems insurmountable? Over the past 25 years, Collective Data has encountered it all. We partner with clients from various industries—law enforcement, government, fire departments, construction, utilities, and higher education—to centralize their data in one platform and make complex data more actionable.

The result? Better processes, greater productivity, and a healthier bottom line.

Here are some of our favorite client success stories.

Citizens Energy Group

Importing fleet data into one central data hub has allowed this broad-based utility service company to simplify data access for internal and external service staff.

City of Woodbury

Collective Data’s fleet management software helped the City of Woodbury optimize its inventory levels, increase parts availability, and ensure regulatory compliance for inventory management.

Columbia Helicopters

For this heavy-lift helicopter company, Collective Data’s fleet maintenance management software keeps their fleet operating at max performance.

New Jersey City University

Collective Data fleet management helped this public university reduce operating expenses that came from ineffective cost tracking for department-specific vehicles and equipment.

City of O’Fallon

To improve their fleet operation, the City of O’Fallon used Collective Data’s fleet management software. They saw a great return on their investment through improved productivity.

Schmitty and Sons Transportation

Customers now receive better, faster service thanks to the fleet management software solution Schmitty & Sons adopted, which allows for more efficient shop management.

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