Modules. Integrations. Configurations.

At Collective Data we take pride in offering solutions that fit your unique needs today and into the future. Our experienced industry experts will guide you in the selection of a base product and modules that match your current state with an eye on the future. If there is still a requirement that is not addressed with our standard product line, we explore the addition of an add-on module or configuring a custom build for you.

Our add-on modules were designed to enhance our base product and provide added value without the expense of a custom build. They are, by design, the result of years of experience and a response to reoccurring customer needs. Our industry experts are continuously developing new ideas that come straight from our customers.


System Event Notification

An automated tool that allows you to deliver unlimited customer email notifications and reports automatically

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Active Directory

Easy log-in to Collective Data software through Windows Active Directory authentication

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Advanced Training

Expand your organization’s ability to track licenses and certifications by implementing specialized workflows

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Take control over shop work distribution, gain more effective parts distribution and easily track shop related costs

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Job Site

Set up, track and maintain records relating to equipment usage, labor and parts used on a job site

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Customer Management

Effectively manage, validate and report on services provided to each of your customers

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Motor Pool

Gain increased efficient and the information you need to make better fleet-wide decisions

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Asset Replacement

Configure a scoring system along with conditions on your assets for replacement and 5, 10 and 30 year outlook

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VMRS Codes

Configure and pre-load standard codes for Part Failure, Repair, Repair Reason, and VMRS Work Accomplished

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Object Revolution

Make changes to meet your specific needs without complicated software configurations

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Offline Audit

Take the power of audit anywhere, regardless of internet connection.  Once you have reconnected to your secure network, upload your audit results quickly.

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Improve fuel tracking by importing your fuel card transaction data directly leading to greater vehicle efficiency.

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Our software integrates with most GPS providers to obtain accurate meter readings and improve maintenance schedules and miles per gallon statistics.

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Easily track your parts and assets by integrating with barcode scanners, barcode printers and rugged tablets.

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Rugged tablets are suitable for any work environment. Designed to absorb shock and repel water, they are made with reinforced frames, rubber seals, and hardened glass. They offer data collection in the harshest conditions.

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Scanners are designed to work in environments where data collection needs to be done in several locations. They are powered by a battery and are built durable enough to be carried and used in busy warehouses.

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Barcode label printers are necessary to print the barcode labels that affix to your assets. Assigning a unique identifier to each item is essential in controlling inventory. Our software will assign and track your barcodes.

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