Configure Your Asset Management Software to Fit Your Business

No two organizations are the same. Collective Data has developed a variety of custom modules so you can create a solution that fits your organization.

Once you select a base product, layer on custom modules to give your solution the functionality to solve your most complex challenges. Our modules have been informed by years of experience and the constantly evolving needs of our clients.

Don’t see a module that will fit your specifications? We can explore a new add-on module or configure a custom build for you.

Existing Modules

Active Directory

Active Directory

Save time managing existing users from one source. Log in to Collective Data software through Windows Active Directory authentication and sync data automatically.

  • Eliminate multiple logins (single sign-on and token-based authentication)
  • Maintain consistency in all network security groups 
  • User pre-existing groups 
  • ADFS and OAUth compatible

Advanced Training

Align assets, employees, and other items that require numerous licenses and certifications. Get complete transparency into total cost tracking and accounting for assets with requirements for issuance.

  • Streamline the training request process, sessions, and approvals 
  • Track training courses, sessions, items, and create requests 
  • Associate costs with training course sessions for end-to-end reporting and accountability 
  • Create training course session templates and enroll entire divisions, sections, and squads with one click 
  • Get automated email notifications for invitations, approvals, enrolled, denied, and class full
Approval Modual

Approval Module

Create additional levels of approvals in your system to include all necessary team members—from item requests and purchase orders to maintenance requests and training requests.

Asset Replacement

Asset Replacement

Evaluate the useful life of your assets with a customized asset scoring model that fits your process and standards. Predict and budget for your asset replacement lifecycle.

  • Make financial decisions easier by forecasting budget cycles
  • Ensure assets are running efficiently from a simple red, yellow, and green light dashboard
  • Customize your replacement forecast for up to 30 years
  • Developed with APWA standards in mind
Audit Logging

Audit Logging

Track data changes in your system to see what’s going on in your organization and protect your organization from potential fraud and abuse. See who made changes and when so you can identify and properly train employees as needed.

Email Notifications

Automatic Email Notifications

Never miss another deadline, expiration date, or scheduled task. Deliver unlimited custom email notifications and reports based on events or thresholds you set within the system.

  • Improve accountability with up-to-date, automated reports when you need them (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Email groups or individual people and split reports to ensure data is always relevant to employees
Customer Management

Customer Management

Effectively manage, validate, and report on services provided to each of your customers.


View all your data in one place, with comprehensive charting options and an intuitive designer for creating and editing your own charts.

Enhanced Scheduling

Enhanced Scheduling

Efficiently track time to increase performance and decrease waste. Automatically create a service schedule for tasks to be performed based on actual time available in your shop.

Car Icon

Extended Asset Management

Track any physical asset type beyond vehicles or equipment and turn your system into a comprehensive asset management solution.

  • Simplify your data gathering system 
  • Schedule and perform labor on the asset types you define with the fields you want to track
  • Report on and manage non-fleet assets more effectively
Engineering Icon

Job Site Management

Connect your fleet operation to job sites and projects. Know where your equipment, parts, and employees are allocated at any given time.

  • Set up job sites by location and customer 
  • Pre-determine labor and equipment rental rates and limit job site work only to those assigned items and rates for better cost tracking

Object Revolution

Enable your software to grow as your fleet grows and save thousands in customization costs. Make changes to meet your needs without complicated software configurations.

Offline Audit

Offline Audit

Make sure you’re always prepared for audits and have full visibility to reconcile your assets—anytime, anywhere.

  • Know who has what, where it is, and when it’s due back 
  • Highlight assets already being tracked to know which items need to be audited 
  • Modify asset status in real time 
  • Barcode scanning ready and e-signature functionality to increase accountability
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Motor Pool

Gain increased efficiency and the information you need to make better fleet-wide decisions. Keep track of your assets, who has them, and what they are costing your organization.

  • Support the rental of vehicles or equipment pools, including check-in and check-out, reservations, cancellations, performing return inspections, and tracking rental rates 
  • Know vehicles will be ready when your employees need them
SAML-Based Authorization

SAML-Based Authentication

Simplify the management of user credentials across your network by integrating cloud-hosted software with your federated identity provider (such as Active Directory Federated Services).

Shop Interface

Shop Interface

Know what’s going on in your shop at all times and maximize workflow and production. Control shop work distribution, effective parts distribution, and easily track costs.

  • See real-time overviews of shop floors and technician workloads 
  • Track wrench time against averages and standards 
  • Quickly determine part, tire, and inventory levels 
  • Increase shop predictability with analytics on wrench time 
  • Eliminate paperwork order processes
VMRS Codes

VMRS Codes

Communicate and report on maintenance activities using the standard coding system for fleets, manufacturers, maintenance personnel, and shops. Configure and preload standard codes for part failure, repair, repair reason, and VMRS work accomplished.

Web Services API

Web Services API

Improve productivity through data entry reduction and quicker, more complete reporting between the various systems you use. Give in-house developers the ability to extend and integrate data and functionality of Collective Data software with other programs.

Software and Hardware Integrations

Collective Data software and hardware integrates with many leading tools and systems. Maximize your investment while streamlining your data management process.

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