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Governmental Asset Management

Federal, State, County, City, and other governmental agencies rely on the fast and accurate information exchange to provide services to the community. Collective Data offers software solutions that enable agencies do more by gathering and synthesizing your information into one system.

Fleet maintenance, parts inventory, warranties, employees, and so much more can be managed using our collectiveFleet® product. Managing this data will improve job performance and reduce wasteful spending.

Our collectiveQuartermaster® software has its own unique set of capabilities compatible with the government sector. It was originally designed for use in law enforcement agencies. Other types of organizations also benefit from the system.

Collective Data industry and product experts will evaluate your needs to determine which product will provide you with the highest return on your investment.

collectiveFleet Mission Control
collectiveFleet Mission Control

What our customers say

  • This system alleviates some of the employee costs and ties all the systems together for real-time instant control.

    Jason Del Pozo City of O'Fallon Fleet Manager
  • It’s a very user-friendly system and I have become totally dependent on the use of the software for managing the technicians and the fleet.

    Dave Leicht Emergycare Fleet Manager
  • We saved $25,000 in the first 6 months by going through our parts room and returning excess parts.

    Kyle Yonker Homewood Disposal Fleet Manager
  • I am able to process reports much faster, and am able to produce detailed information on the equipment and vehicles to make sure all information is correct in half the time.

    Paul Grosselfinger Mounmouth Co., NJ, Superintendent of Fleet Services
  • I can’t imagine running the fleet today without Collective Data. The software follows my process and the information is readily available to make proactive, cost-saving decisions.

    Patrick Bartole New Jersey City University Fleet Manager
  • We have been able to schedule service more efficiently, which reduces downtime and expedites service.

    Matt Burgans Placer Co., Sheriff Fleet Manager
  • We needed to have software that could be adapted in order to fulfill all our needs as they change over time.

    Mike Forbord Schmitty & Sons Fleet Manager
  • Before, all we had was a list of what they should have, versus now where we know what they actually have.

    Lane Phillips Tennessee Department of Public Safety

Solutions for Government


Stay in control of your organization’s most valuable assets with collectiveFleet®.

Our flexible software program gives you the power to gain control and continuously manage your vehicles, inventory, gear, parts, work orders, training, time, and more. There is virtually nothing you cannot track with collectiveFleet®.

Everyone on your team will be able to easily enter information into collectiveFleet®. The Mission Control Dashboard gives you a view of what is happening down to the second. With multiple user levels, you can use Role-Based Security to ensure your data is safe and only viewed by those with permission. Quickly pull data and find what you need to stay on schedule.


collectiveQuartermaster® is the software of choice for law enforcement agencies to manage assets, assign equipment, track officer certification and much more

Information is power. Quick and easy information transfer can come down to life or death. collectiveQuartermaster® helps the Emergency Service industry save more lives by giving them the a simple and quick way to enter and retrieve information.

Each year, government agencies are asked to do more with less. Many who wear the uniform are forced to wear many hats. This is where Collective Data can help! Our sofware helps you build a more efficient process so officers and staff can keep their attention focused on saving lives.


After 20 years of serving customers, we have developed a clear understanding of their needs. Based on this knowledge, we have combined the most popular features of our legacy products, collectiveQuartermaster® and collectiveFleet® to create one powerful, all-encompassing software product, collectiveFusion®.

There is nothing more efficient than managing all of your data in one application with one central log-in. Developed with our large law enforcement customers in mind, collectiveFusion® is a powerful and full-featured software package for managing facilities, vehicles, equipment, gear, and much more.

Role-Based Security features ensure the information being viewed by each user is what is authorized and needed to perform their specific job duties or tasks. Ordering and receiving items, through a simple portal that allows for administrative approval of requests and fulfillment, ensures cost control. Signing items in and out, using an e-signature pad, ensures all items are properly documented and accounted for.


Collective Data takes pride in offering solutions that work for our clients. Our experienced industry experts will guide you in the selection of a base product and add-on modules that will reflect your needs. If there is still a requirement or need that is not addressed with our standard product line, we can configure a custom build for you. Our goal to provide you with the best solution possible with utmost integrity.

Please contact us to discuss your customized needs, and view the additional add-on modules available below for more details.

Additional add-on modules