Government Fleet Management Software for public sector organizations

Fleet, Equipment and Asset Management

Federal, State, County, City, and other governmental agencies rely on the fast and accurate information exchange to provide services to the community. Collective Data offers software solutions that enable agencies do more by gathering and synthesizing your information into one system.

Fleet maintenance, parts inventory, warranties, employees, and so much more can be managed using our collectiveFleet® product. Managing this data will improve job performance and reduce wasteful spending.

Streamline Workflows

Stay up to date with maintenance and repairs by planning downtime effectively with automatic notifications and work order scheduling. 

Make Informed Decisions

Easy to use and customizable reports allow you to make informed decisions. 

Integrate Data

Integrate your fuel, telematics and administrative software tools to keep all of your data in one easy-to-access location.

Reduce Costs

Stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks to reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

The City of Woodbury uses CollectiveFleet to account for its inventory all year long to reduce costs and make end of year reporting quick and simple.

What our customers say

  • This system alleviates some of the employee costs and ties all the systems together for real-time instant control.

    Jason Del Pozo City of O'Fallon Fleet Manager
  • It’s a very user-friendly system and I have become totally dependent on the use of the software for managing the technicians and the fleet.

    Dave Leicht Emergycare Fleet Manager
  • We saved $25,000 in the first 6 months by going through our parts room and returning excess parts.

    Kyle Yonker Homewood Disposal Fleet Manager
  • I am able to process reports much faster, and am able to produce detailed information on the equipment and vehicles to make sure all information is correct in half the time.

    Paul Grosselfinger Mounmouth Co., NJ, Superintendent of Fleet Services
  • I can’t imagine running the fleet today without Collective Data. The software follows my process and the information is readily available to make proactive, cost-saving decisions.

    Patrick Bartole New Jersey City University Fleet Manager
  • We have been able to schedule service more efficiently, which reduces downtime and expedites service.

    Matt Burgans Placer Co., Sheriff Fleet Manager
  • We needed to have software that could be adapted in order to fulfill all our needs as they change over time.

    Mike Forbord Schmitty & Sons Fleet Manager
  • Before, all we had was a list of what they should have, versus now where we know what they actually have.

    Lane Phillips Tennessee Department of Public Safety

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