Streamline Data in One Platform and Control Costs with Public Sector Fleet Management Software

You rely on the fast, accurate exchange of information to provide services to your community. With Collective Data’s fleet, equipment, and asset management software solutions, you can gather and synthesize important data from one centralized system.

From fleet maintenance and parts inventory to warranties and employee performance, monitor the overall health of your government fleet operation at all times. Our fleet management solution is cloud-based and goes wherever you go.

Keep your fleet in the field so when duty calls, your federal, state, county, city, or government agency is ready to respond.

Simplify Workflows

Stay up to date with maintenance and repairs to plan for downtime. Set up automatic notifications and work order scheduling so you never miss important tasks.

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Make Informed Decisions

Easily customize reports and leverage your data to make better, more informed decisions for your agency.

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Integrate Your Data

Store your data in one easy-to-access location and integrate your fuel, telematics, and administrative software tools.

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Reduce Costs

Perform preventative maintenance tasks on schedule to reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

Explore Fleet

Take control of your fleet and ensure vehicles and equipment are well-maintained. Our Fleet solution helps you stay ahead of jobs while being mindful of your budget. It’s one of the reasons the nation’s most elite government agencies have trusted Fleet for 25+ years.

Complete Visibility

Track and monitor everything that impacts your fleet, your assets, and your agency.

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Proactively Tackle Maintenance

Plan ahead for routine maintenance and repairs so you can forecast downtime and adjust scheduling as needed.

Enhance Your Productivity

Vehicles, equipment, tools, employees… know what’s happening in your agency in real-time and maximize productive hours.

Inventory Headaches Alleviated

Even when using a competitive fleet management software, this fast-growing Minnesota city struggled with accurate billing. Collective Data helped them simplify a dreaded year-end task by providing accurate, real-time data.

“With our old system, we struggled to close the loop and were typically $50K to $80K in the hole at year end and scrambling to allocate charges. With Collective Data, we don’t have that issue. Our inventory and billing allocation associated is up to date, allowing us to accurately account for each part.”
- Mike Zilka
City of Woodbury Fleet Specialist

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