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Leading-edge software has the capability to easily communicate with others to provide the ability to transfer data back and forth easily. We recognize you have invested in various fleet management tools and our software will help you take full advantage of each one of them. Collective Data software integrates with many leading fuel card providers, GPS systems, accounting software, and more.

We have the capability to integrate with most systems! If you do not see the system that you would like to integrate with below, please reach out to us to discuss. 

Fuel Integrations

The benefit of our fuel integrations is the increased visibility and control – allowing you to manage fuel cards and their assignment to vehicles and employees along with total visibility of gallons used, cost, mileage, etc.

Telematics & GPS Integrations

Obtain accurate meter readings to improve maintenance schedules and miles per gallon statistics. Improve your ROI by integrating GPS or diagnostics data with Collective Data’s fleet management software.

Our software integrates with most GPS providers that make their information accessible from third party software solutions.

Ask us about integrating with your GPS or Diagnostics provider.

Administrative Integrations

Integrate your Collective Data system with other administrative systems you use to simplify inventory orders, billing, employee information, etc.

Hardware Integrations

We understand the importance of your tablets, barcode scanners and printers working seamlessly with your asset management system. Visit our Hardware Integrations Page to learn more.