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Providing a Secure, Easy-to-Access Home for All Fleet Data at a Broad-Based Utility Service Company

About the Client

In 1887, Indianapolis civic leaders came up with the idea of operating a natural gas company as a Public Charitable Trust, solely for the benefit of customers and the community. Today, this Trust lives on as Citizens Energy Group, a broad-based utility service company, providing natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services to about 800,000 people and thousands of businesses in the Indianapolis area.

The Challenge

Citizens Fleet has grown significantly, and their data was scattered across spreadsheets, paper, and other programs. While providing services to many different types of vehicles and equipment, Citizens struggled working with multiple systems and partners to get all data into one location. As the fleet department continued to grow, reporting was becoming too difficult and time consuming. They needed a system that would allow different points of data to be imported and made easily available upon request.

The Solution

By implementing Collective Data’s high-end fleet management system, Citizens has taken their fleet data from various areas and imported it all into one central data hub. From fuel card data to telematics (including Diagnostic Trouble Codes with different severity levels), FuelMaster to internal Active Directory, their data now lives in one easy-to-access space.

Citizens has been able to set user security levels, making it easy to set up user groups that match their internal hierarchy or customize by individual users. With multiple service partners, protecting data while still having the capability to extract it was essential. Collective Data makes this process simple and secure.

A huge factor in Citizens’ decision to move forward with Collective Data was being able to configure the software to match their needs. Collective Data created a firewall between two vendors while allowing the owner to see everything as one. Citizens’ field operations can input requests remotely, and the data integrates with other systems.

Solution Features

  • Fleet management  
  • Automated PM/inspection/registration and cert/MP solution for various types of equipment 
  • Cloud-based
  • Fuel integration 
  • Ability to track mounted equipment and associated PMs 
  • Safety and HR tracking 
  • Accident and claim tracking 
  • Mobile data entry 
  • Ability to track bulk fueling 
  • VMRS codes 
  • Ability for outside contractors to enter data in WO screen 
  • Dashboard with important items (out-of-service vehicles, maintenance requests, etc.) 
  • Reports on vehicle costs, accidents and claims, DOT inspections, billing reports, etc.

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“We use Collective Data as a complete fleet management system for our internal or external service staff. The ability to set up user security levels gives us total control of who can enter data, what can be imported, all while making it simple for our drivers to request maintenance.”
- Crit Crabtree
Manager Engineering, Citzens Energy Group

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