Asset Replacement

The asset replacement module was developed with APWA standards in mind.  The module affords your fleet department to utilize scoring to evaluate the useful life of your assets.   

You can customize asset scoring models that fit your own environment.  Allowing you to easily predict and budget for your asset replacement lifecycle.   


  • Configurable scoring system to meet your organizations’ unique process and defined conditions
  •   Scoring system can be based on age, meter(s), condition, maintenance, or reliability.


  • Easily forecast budget cycles and ease the burden of financial decisions
  • Ensure your assets are running efficiently through a simple red, yellow, green light dashboard
  • Customize your replacement forecast for up to 30 years
  • Configure the scoring to meet YOUR process and standards


Asset Condition
Asset Condition by Replacement Year
Asset Replacement Score


Asset Condition
Asset Condition Score Card
Visual indicator on the main Asset view