Shop Interface

The shop interface was built with productivity in mind. This add-on module provides optimal workflow in the shop and adds insight into shop operations.

This module keeps you informed about what’s going on at all times with the supervisor screen. Supervisors get a better picture of how resources are being allocated throughout the shop.

Technicians can self-assign work as needed. Automated work order processes are included to make data input easy. A “part issue view” for parts room employees to keep track of where parts are going and when is another unique aspect of this module.

This module gives you control over shop work distribution, effective parts distribution, and a method to easily track costs.


  • Technician view to see what work needs to be done
  • Supervisors can see what technicians are working on
  • Track wrench time against averages and standards


  • Supervisor view provides a real-time overview of the shop floor and technician workload
  • Quickly know part, tire and inventory levels 
  • Increase shop predictability with analytics on wrench time
  • Eliminate paperwork order processes 


Scheduled Work Performance
Performance Above Threshold
Standard Time v. Actual Time
Technician Work Time Averages

Technician View
Shop View (status, technician assigned, priority, time)
Work Assignment
Part Issue
Labor Log