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After 20 years of serving customers, we have developed a clear understanding of their needs. Based on this knowledge, we have combined the most popular features of our legacy products, collectiveQuartermaster® and collectiveFleet® to create one powerful, all-encompassing software product, collectiveFusion.

There is nothing more efficient than managing all of your data in one application with one central log-in. Developed with our large law enforcement customers in mind, collectiveFusion is a powerful and full-featured software package for managing facilities, vehicles, equipment, gear, and much more.

Role-Based Security features ensure the information being viewed by each user is what is authorized and needed to perform their specific job duties or tasks. Ordering and receiving items, through a simple portal that allows for administrative approval of requests and fulfillment, ensures cost control. Signing items in and out, using an e-signature pad, ensures all items are properly documented and accounted for.   *Hardware sold separately.

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collectiveFusion® FEATURES

Mission Control Dashboard

Manage your data, as well as your employees, by viewing everything in one user-friendly, colorful dashboard.

Pre-Designed Templates

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Our templates are out-of-the-box tools with proven functional value.

Role-Based Security

Give each user role-based access and security level. This keeps information safe and relevant to each job.

Email or Print Reports

Streamline communication by sharing reports easily and quickly by email in .PDF format to the printer.

Configure Equipment Categories

Your business is unique. That is why we offer the ability to configure equipment categories as you see fit.

Add Equipment Photos

Adding photos of equipment and technicians will help document the identity of workers and the condition of equipment.

Quick-View Work Order History

Without going through all of the clicks and steps to see prior work orders, we made it easy to quick-view order history.

Unlimited File Attachments

Attach documents, including licenses, warranties, and receipts. Simply scan and upload as many files as you need.

Barcode Scan Capable

Inventory tracking made easy – our software is compatible with barcode scanners, label printers, and other hardware.

Track Employee Evaluations

Employees are your most valuable assets. Keep employee records, including evaluations, in one central location.

Schedule Vehicle Inspections

Never miss a vehicle inspection date, again, with collectiveFusion® reminding you of each and every inspection that is due.

Monitor Parts Inventory

Monitor your parts inventory with collectiveFusion®. Ordering too much or too little can greatly affect your bottom line.

Track Tire Mileage

Give your drivers peace of mind that the mileage and condition of their tires are being monitored for safety and appropriate replacement.

Ad-Hoc Report Creator

Need a report on the fly? The Ad-hoc Report Creator gets you the info you want, when you want it, so you can print or email it.

Automatic Email Alerts

Whether you use email alerts as reminders or for security alert purposes, they are a great way to stay on top of tasks.

ADVANTAGES OF collectiveFusion®

Large-scale Operations

Whether you are operating a large fleet of vehicles or a County Sheriff’s Department, collectiveFusion has the tools to get the job done. This comprehensive software will streamline performance, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Manage vehicles and technicians with user-friendly views and quick information transfer. Schedule and manage preventative maintenance with automated alerts when maintenance tasks are due. Produce clear and valuable reports with analytics to make the accurate decisions within your unique timeframe.

Create and manage kits of items, such as gear, uniforms, tools and equipment. Issue uniforms for new hires or kits of equipment for each vehicle. Check items in or out with e-signature pad hardware that tracks the asset’s location and responsible party. Set alerts for expiration dates and preventative maintenance of items to ensure everything remains in working order.

Comprehensive Reporting

Collecting and storing information is only part of the equation. Armed with the ability to generate meaningful and valuable reports, collectiveFusion closes the loop. Comprehensive reports are essential for guiding business decisions and proving compliance, all while gaining a comprehensive picture of your operations.

Choose from the 100+ reports or customize your own. An unlimited number of custom reports can be built for any field in the system that are uniquely tailored to your needs. Reports can include charts, dashboards and customized views. If you are integrating other software with collectiveFusion, your reports will be even more comprehensive and meaningful. Save or send reports in PDF or CSV file formats.

Integrate and Adapt for Change

Considering changing regulations and scaling economies, collectiveFusion easily adapts to shifting needs. Today, organizations must be flexible as they grow. The ability to configure aspects of the base software, as well as integrating with other applications is an added value in the collectiveFusion system.

Customized reports offer organizations the ability to view information generated and collected in meaningful and valuable way. Unique to specific business or governmental needs, these customized reports can aid in making important and impactful decisions.

Integrating with other software applications allows for the collection of data in one centralized location. This eliminates duplication, errors from transferring manually, and loss of information altogether. Easily integrate fuel cards, GPS, accounting systems, and other software with collectiveFusion for the most valuable reporting.

Put our software to work for you


Manage all assets in one location with one central sign-on for maximum efficiency . Streamline the workflow of all team members, from administration to labor workers, by consolidating information into one location. Data from fixed assets, expendable items, and vehicles are easily retrievable, editable, and reportable through collectiveFusion. Alerts for expired items, warranties, and training keep the organizational leadership informed and compliant.


Eliminate duplication of information and reduce the chance of error from logging in-and-out of several software applications to piece information together. Integrate collectiveFusion® with other software systems, including fuel usage, Excel files, or home grown systems, to get a snapshot of the organization at any given moment. Make real-time decisions and pull valuable reports easily with comprehensive data that makes sense.


Enhanced security options in collectiveFusion® allow organizations to control who sees specific data. User hierarchy can be set up by system administrators to regulate access to specific fields, screens, shortcuts, reports, and more. Controlling access provides an added layer of security and offers individual accountability with varied roles and responsibilities.


An easy-to-use portal for ordering and receiving items is available for users to make requests and for management to approve fulfillment. Simple order management is crucial in a field where supplies are depleted and need to be replenished quickly. Streamlining a process for ordering, approving, and distributing items ensures ample inventory stock without over-stocking.