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Comprehensive Fleet Management System Generates Return on Investment and Improves Productivity for a St. Louis Suburb

About the Client

The City of O’Fallon, Missouri is made up of more than 80,000 residents. Their fleet includes a mix of administrative cars, police cars, class 1-6 trucks, and excavating equipment.

The Challenge

Looking to improve various aspects of their fleet operation system, the City of O’Fallon needed a new fleet management solution that provided: 

  • Fleet accountability to display all city-owned vehicle and excavation assets in an easy-to-use format 
  • Fleet operations organization to better collect data on usage, usage cost, and setting goals for future vehicle purchases
  • Fleet maintenance to capture more useful information regarding costs and improve the efficiency of work completed
  • Accident tracking to monitor costs, improve safety, and reduce incidents 
  • Specific vehicle tracking for vehicle memo letters and recalls

The Solution

Collective Data configured a solution to meet the City of O’Fallon’s unique requirements. As a result, the City saw a return on investment through improved productivity. The system allows the City to improve levels of service and access better data to keep everyone informed on the costs of their fleet. It alleviates employee costs and ties all systems together for real-time, instant control.

Solution Features

  • Easy-to-use shop interface 
  • Budgeting and vehicle replacement forecasting
  • Automatic delivery of upcoming tasks 
  • Reports based on specific criteria 
  • PetroVend fueling system data integration

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“We were able to deliver a better product and the customer is much more informed of the vehicle condition and the cost that vehicle has to the city. As an experienced fleet manager with over 20 years of experience, this system runs alongside my experience and continues to impress me.”
- Jason Del Pozo
Fleet Manager for the City of O'Fallon

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