Schmitty & Sons Transportation see productivity improvements, resulting in better service for their customers

Schmitty and Sons

Schmitty & Sons is a full-service transportation company that has served their local community for over 50 years. They operate a number of divisions including school bus routing, van service, charter transportation, transit operator, and a repair and maintenance division. Schmitty & Sons believes in providing the best service to all of their customers, and the right software system would help them keep quality of service high, give them the data they needed for effective decision-making, and improve productivity.

In 2011, Schmitty & Sons implemented collectiveShop, Collective Data’s high-end fleet management solution with enhanced shop management options. They use it to manage and schedule all aspects related to maintenance, parts inventory, employee records, customer management, and billing.

“Our company is very diverse in terms of various departments and services that we offer,” said Mike Forbord, Fleet Manager at Schmitty & Sons. “We needed a system that could efficiently meet our needs as well as being cost-effective.”

Increased productivity through ease of use.

Schmitty & Sons has been able to increase productivity in many ways. Among them, they’ve taken advantage of collectiveShop’s ability to easily assign and track work within the shop. “We are able to designate work more efficiently. The foreman checks for maintenance requests and scheduled work, opens work orders, and uses the work assignment view to assign the particular work to a maintenance technician,” said Forbord. With this process, technicians receive the work order with all of the repairs that are required. They clock-in and out with each job. Overall, it has become an easier process and it allows the shop to be more productive.

We needed to have software that could be adapted in order to fulfill all our needs as they change over time.

“The software isn’t complicated, so it allows them to get everything entered into the system in a timely manner,” commented Forbord. The ability to manage all equipment tasks in one place has proven to make things easier and more productive as well. “Our records are organized much better with this system,” said Forbord. “Now all of our forms and maintenance records are stored electronically. As a result, it is much easier to look for specific information and create reports as needed.”

Cost savings seen through improved parts inventory management.

Improvements in how they manage parts inventory has been a big benefit of implementing Collective Data software. “We have been able to save money by using this system. We can track our inventory costs better and the ease of use makes it simple to assign parts to particular equipment,” said Forbord. A few of the reports that helped them achieve this:

  1. Part Days in Stock – The report is used to determine obsolete parts and excess inventory in stock.
  2. Work Order Part and Labor Summary – Used to reconcile their parts received and labor that are billed out monthly.


Armed with highly trained advisers and technicians, high commitment to service, and now a successful fleet management software system in place, productivity will only continue to increase resulting in better, quicker service for their customers.


Schmitty and Sons Transportation




350 Vehicles
415+ Customers Managed
6 Technicians


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