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One of the world’s largest heavy-lift helicopter companies, Columbia Helicopters manages nearly 2,000 pieces of equipment with Collective Data software.

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Currently, with a fleet of over 30 aircraft, the company provides a variety of lift services to meet a variety of needs. Annually, they yard more timber than any other company.

Supporting these 30 aircraft is no easy task, but their team of fleet professionals gets the job done with the help of Collective Data software. They track nearly 2000 pieces of equipment that support the 30 aircraft. Everything from a 4500 gallon Freightliner Nurse Truck for fueling to an air regulator valve for their fire suppression equipment are in their system.

A diverse fleet calls for a flexible software solution.

“We have a very diverse fleet of equipment to support our operations,” said Rick Carroll, Fleet Manager for Columbia Helicopters. “Collective Data has worked with us to build completely custom screens and reports that allow us to see the details that are unique to us. Not only does this software organize and report vehicles, but hundreds of helicopter support equipment items are cataloged and tracked as well.”

Among many software functions used by Columbia Helicopters, they run a variety of reports that are critical to their organization. Among those is a custom Motor Pool report that shows what they have available for the day to support their operations, as well as a report that shows what is currently checked out in their motor pool. Knowing the location of each of their pieces of equipment is also critical to operations.

A tremendous amount of labor has been saved by eliminating the need to go through individual files to tabulate various costs. It is now all available at the push of a button.

“We have equipment spread out from Papua New Guinea to South America,” commented Carroll. “Our equipment location history report allows us to see when and where a piece of equipment has moved. Then we can plan for upcoming maintenance/inspections and whether it is performed in country or ship it back to the U.S. for very specific tasks that we accomplish here.”

Among the many ways they’ve been able to improve their fleet operation, Carroll mentioned that these are among them:

  1. The Big Picture. The software helped them get their complete and diverse fleet into one database.
  2. Overall support equipment costs. All information together for easy access.
  3. Logistics. They can now actively see where their equipment is operating and can group that equipment to better organize upcoming preventative maintenance, inspections and equipment rotations.

Since getting the system in place, they’ve been able to increase efficiency and help keep their fleet performing at an even more superior level. This will allow them to grow and continue to be a leading provider of lift services throughout the world.


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