Enabling a Sheriff’s Office to Gain Full Control of Their Inventory

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office


Lake Charles, LA


Law Enforcement

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Enabling a Sheriff’s Office to Gain Full Control of Their Inventory

About the Client

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office (CPSO) is in Lake Charles, LA. They have approximately 800-900 deputies with over 1000 when fully staffed.  The current sheriff has been in office 20 years and will retire June 30, 2024, with the new sheriff elect taking office July 1, 2024.

The Challenge

CPSO was in the process of establishing a warehouse that will contain items such as uniforms, belts, batteries, water, copy paper, etc.   They did not have a system in place that would be able to track, charge certain departments, issue, return, etc. items such as thisBy having these items in stock in their warehouse, they are hoping to decrease the number of PO’s generated daily and to have these items available and on hand. 

The Solution

CPSO previously worked with the IBM Maximo and they actually referred them to Collective Data to see if it would fit their needs.  They reached out to local and/or neighboring agencies to inquire about what systems were being used.   

They demoed numerous software before ultimately choosing Collective Data.  They found that some did not provide the essentials of what they were looking for and others were overboard with things that we were never going to use.  They decided that Collective Data was the right fit for what they were looking to achieve.    

Collective Data has customized numerous things to suit CPSO.  Their financial system (POs) do not go through Collective Data but we integrated with their financial system to pull over to Collective Data only their GL accounts that they wanted to see in Collective Data.  They also added a “Discard Date” to one of their warehouses as an actual date opposed to “Months.”  Collective Data has created numerous drop down fields to fit their needs. We have tweaked and customized reports that provide CPSO with needed information, total dollar amounts, etc. which are very beneficial for monthly reconciliations.

Solution Features

  • Asset & inventory management 
  • Issuing in & out equipment  
  • Capturing re-order points with auto alerts  
  • Streamlined request and approval process  
  • Perform inspections to pass audits with ease  
  • Ordering and receiving items  
  • Forecasting protective gear expiration  
  • Managing stipends/employee allowances  
  • Managing licenses and certifications  
  • Manage officer training 

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“If there is any department out there that is looking for a dependable and all-encompassing software system, go with Collective Data. They know exactly what a police department needs and can develop a system specifically with your department in mind.”
Tracy Pittman
Archive & Supply Supervisor, CPSO

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