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Tennessee Department of Public Safety Streamlines Asset Management Capabilities to Manage Costs and Improve Efficiency

About the Client

A government organization whose mission is to serve, secure and protect the people of Tennessee.

The Challenge

Utilizing an asset management system and Excel spreadsheets, TDPS lacked the flexibility or depth to meet the department’s asset management needs. This resulted in numerous inefficiencies. During the decision-making phase, TDPS wanted a solution that was barcode compatible for checkout and more importantly, tracking.

The Solution

TDPS chose Quartermaster because it’s geared specifically toward law enforcement and offers technical features to manage inventory and personnel more efficiently than traditional methods. TDPS can now manage assets and inventory with the click of a button, which has led to more streamlined processes, fewer operational costs, and greater accuracy.

Solution Features

  • Detailed item inventory
  • Tracking feature for cameras, weapons, uniforms, and other items issued
  • Quick check-in, check-out function for equipment vendor monitoring
  • Audit functions
  • Employee tracking
  • Ability to integrate with other software

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“Because it has capabilities beyond tracking equipment and uniforms, that’s what really sold my higher-ups. The system can also do fleet management and ordinance. The Department of Safety can expand on using this program.”
- Gary "Lane" Phillips
Tennessee Department of Public Safety (TDPS)

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