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TDPS utilizes asset management software beyond tracking equipment and uniforms

TN Department of Safety collectiveQuartermaster

Law enforcement agencies have a seemingly endless stream of supplies they must organize, track, and distribute among officers. For many departments, managing these assets can be difficult — due to a lack of visibility and a means to accurately track equipment issued to officers. However, managing these assets no longer needs to be a guessing game, thanks to Collective Data’s collectiveQuartermaster.

Since implementing collectiveQuartermaster in January, the Tennessee Department of Public Safety (TDPS)’s asset management capabilities have become more efficient and cost-effective.

The Challenge: Lack of Visibility and Accuracy

Before implementing collectiveQuartermaster, TDPS, which consists of about 900 officers, was using another asset management system and Excel spreadsheets. These solutions didn’t have the flexibility or depth to meet the department’s asset management needs — and resulted in numerous inefficiencies.

“We’ve evolved a lot in just 20 years. When I first started with the department, we were still using books to log equipment,” says Gary “Lane” Phillips, stores keeper for TDPS. “The system we were using was mainly for procurement. We tried to use it to complete our warehouse inventory, and it just didn’t work out very well. So I wanted to use a quartermaster system that was designed for law enforcement.”

These other asset management systems had too many error rates for them to be effective in tracking troopers’ uniforms and personal equipment — and really weren’t designed for the kind of inventory tracking TDPS needs. In addition to the high error rate, there was a lack of transparency into where equipment was after it left the TDPS warehouse. After piloting several asset management systems, TDPS decided on collectiveQuartermaster, because it’s geared specifically toward law enforcement agencies. CollectiveQuartermaster comes with a host of technical features that manage inventory and personnel more efficiently than traditional methods.

“There’s not a lot of law enforcement inventory systems out there. When I was researching solutions, I tried to find the top five, and the system that fits all of our criteria was Collective Data,” Phillips says.

“Because it has capabilities beyond tracking equipment and uniforms, that’s what really sold my higher-ups. The system can also do fleet management and ordinance. The Department of Safety can expand on using this program.”

The benefits of collectiveQuartermaster include:

  • Detailed item inventory
  • Tracking feature for cameras, weapons, uniforms, and other items issued
  • Quick check-in, check-out function for equipment Vendor monitoring
  • Audit functions
  • Employee tracking
  • Ability to integrate with other software

It wasn’t only solving the immediate problems of accuracy and transparency that Phillips was hoping to solve. During the decision-making phase, he wanted a solution that was barcode compatible for checkout and, more importantly, tracking. collectiveQuartermaster has that capability.

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