Upcoming Webinars

Understanding the Importance of Inventory and Parts Management with Your Fleet Operations

Preventative maintenance, inspections fuel and GPS data are all an essential part of Fleet Operations, but what about tracking your parts inventory? Join us for a discussion on how to best integrate the tracking of all of this data in one central data hub.


March 16th | 10am CST

How to Optimize Work Orders using CollectiveFleet

Work orders are a core part of fleet maintenance. Fleet Managers all agree that improving the work order process helps improve the efficiency of a fleet’s maintenance efforts. During this session we will examine how Fleet Managers can optimize work orders using our collectiveFleet application and start incorporating some of the new enhancements to improve efficiencies.


March 22nd | 10am CST

The Importance of Integrations within your Fleet Management System

Utilizing a central hub with all of your data in one place makes your job easier and allows you to be more productive. Integrating your Fuel, GPS and Administrative systems with your Fleet Management system allows you to better utilize and understand your data.


April 13th | 10am CST

Effectively Manage Bids

Join us for a deep dive on how to use your collectiveQuartermaster application to manage the bid process, select a vendor, and enter purchase order.

April 19th | 10am CST

Safety and Compliance with Collective Data

The safety of drivers and compliance with laws and regulations are an essential part of fleet management. Join us to learn about how Fleet Management Software can make it easier to manage the safety and compliance of your fleet. 

May 18th | 10am CST

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Join us for a deep dive on how to use your application to set up cycle counts, effectively manage core parts, and part returns, and consume parts when they’re not related to a work order.

May 24th | 10am CST

Best Practices for Streamlined Fleet Management

Our fleet experts will share best practices to streamline fleet management processes to save you time and improve your bottom line.

June 15th | 10am CST

Benefits of a Cloud Based Fleet Management System

Join us to discuss the benefits of ditching spreadsheets and moving to a cloud based fleet management system.

July 13th | 10am CST