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About the Client

New Jersey City University is a public university located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The NJCU Fleet Services team manages a fleet of vehicles and motorized equipment for various departments: Admissions, Athletics, Driver Education, Grounds, Housekeeping, Mail Services, Maintenance Services, Public Safety, Storeroom, and Youth Corps.

The Challenge

Before implementing fleet management software, NJCU didn’t have an effective way to track costs or determine the benefits of proper and more frequent fleet maintenance. Amid a steady rise in annual operating costs, NJCU needed a system for making more proactive, cost-saving decisions.

The Solution

NJCU can now track all costs associated with owning and operating its fleet from one system. Despite a 10 percent increase in annual operating costs, NJCU has been able to reduce those costs by 5-10 percent yearly. The new fleet management solution makes it easier for NJCU to focus on its mission to provide transportation to the University in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Solution Features

  • Fuel usage tracking and Networkfleet GPS data 
  • Modules for parts inventory, accidents and claims, maintenance requests, work orders, tires, and more

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“The Collective Data system can be customized to follow your business process as you need it. It becomes much more efficient and allows for better cost reduction.”
- Patrick Bartole
Automotive Fleet Manager

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