New Jersey City University Fleet Services department has been seeing fleet management improvements since 2003

Led by Patrick Bartole, Automotive Fleet Manager, the department is responsible for the fleet of vehicles and motorized equipment assigned to a number of departments: Admissions, Athletics, Driver Education, Grounds, Housekeeping, Mail Services, Maintenance Services, Public Safety, Storeroom, and Youth Corps.

Before implementing the software, they did not have an effective way to track costs or compare the results of how proper and more frequent maintenance was actually benefiting the fleet. “I can’t imagine running the fleet today without Collective Data,” said Bartole. “It follows my process and the information is readily available to make proactive, cost-saving decisions.”

One system for managing all costs associated with the fleet.

The fleet tracks all costs associated with owning and operating the fleet with the software, including fuel usage and Networkfleet GPS data. They also take advantage of the powerful parts inventory section, accidents and claims, maintenance requests, work orders, tires, and much more.

Bartole mentioned that to get the most out of a fleet management software system, an organization must have their business process already in place.

The Collective Data system can be customized to follow your business process as you need it. It becomes much more efficient and allows for better cost reduction.

Reduction in operating expenses.

Based on data that Bartole has seen in his operation over the last 7 years, he says that he can continue to expect the cost of operating his fleet to increase by 10% each year. But with the Collective Data system, he is able to reduce that cost by at least 5%-10% yearly.

The NJCU Fleet Services team will continue to improve upon their operation with the help of data provided by the Collective Data system, all in an effort to meet their mission of providing transportation to the University in the most cost-effective manner possible.


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