Emergycare gains increased productivity and ensure on-time service with collectiveFleet®.

Offering everything from non-emergency wheelchair and medical taxi transport, emergency ambulance and paramedic, and air medical services with helicopters, Emergycare’s fleet helps saves lives and they’re doing a good job at keeping it running at full potential.

Emergycare operates a 68 vehicle fleet in five counties across Pennsylvania, and also provides fleet maintenance to 15 other companies in different locations. When David Leicht, Emergycare’s Fleet Manager, and his team started looking for a new software system, they were in need of a user-friendly software for scheduling work and also needed to have a way to convert a large database of historical data.

Better data management results in time savings.

Since implementing the Collective Data system in 2006, they have been able to better track their maintenance, track all expenses for the fleet for various departments and locations, and much more. It has all been in an effort to provide even better service to their communities.

“The workload is much easier to manage,” said Leicht. “I have used different software packages for over twenty years to manage fleets, and when I came across Collective Data’s system I knew it would be a very good choice.”

Since implementing the system Leicht has been able to ensure on-time service, retrieve all of the historical information he needs, and take action on trends he has spotted throughout the fleet.

The efficiency of the software has allowed me to spend my time doing other things that benefit the fleet and the company.

Powerful reporting helps boost productivity.

Emergycare has been able to deliver critical reports much quicker than in the past with the help of Collective Data software.

“I run a monthly fuel report that I send to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for the fuel tax rebate,” said Leicht. “That report used to take a day to get ready and clean the data for submission. Now it’s done in a matter of minutes.

He also said that allocating all expenses, fuel, parts, and labor on a monthly basis is very easy once the software is set up to do what you need. Among other tools he uses from the software, Leicht said he always has his Preventative Maintenance Service Due list on his desktop for quick reference.

Armed with the critical information they need, the fleet services team at Emergycare will continue to be the industry leader in emergency medical services in their community.




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