The Four Key Benefits of Modernizing Your Department’s Issuance Process

Onboarding a new hire is challenging in any industry. For law enforcement it is even more intensive—qualifications, licensure, training and issuance of expensive equipment complicate this process for law enforcement supervisors. If your department is managing the issuance process with paper forms and spreadsheets, you would realize four key benefits from implementing inventory management software:

  1. Streamlined Issuance and Request Processes
  2. Improved Inventory Accuracy
  3. Increased Employee Accountability
  4. Enhanced Asset Life Cycle Management

Having the right tools to do your job efficiently and effectively, means staying in control of every situation. With a comprehensive inventory management software, you will always know the location and value of your assets and inventory. This information can be used to justify funding, prove compliance, conduct audits, and reduce liability, all while saving you time and energy.

1. Streamlined Issuance and Request Processes

New Hire Issuance Has Never Been So Smooth

With a comprehensive inventory management system, you can easily issue equipment using standard sets, or kits that you configure to meet your needs. Inventory management software makes it easy to track items and equipment, including body-worn cameras, uniforms, weapons, and supplies to name a few.

Using the software, you will be able to issue inventory and conduct the check-in/check-out process with more precision. Immediately print or email a receipt for issued equipment and set alerts for item expiration or return scheduling. A complete software solution should have the ability to be configured to know when a staff member is not authorized to check out a certain item—cutting down on time spent tracking the item down and returning it to inventory.

A comprehensive inventory management software should also be compatible with scanning hardware and be barcode enabled, allowing you to further streamline your data management process.

Manage the Request Process with Ease

Do you spend a lot of time managing paper requests from employees? With an inventory management system, you can streamline that process as well. Receive requests, oversee the approval process, manage procurement and ultimately issue (or deny) the requested item all within one system (that ties directly into your inventory).

2. Improved Inventory Accuracy with Real-Time Alerts

With an inventory management system, you can easily order supplies and maintain equipment levels on-demand—never run short on critical equipment needed by your officers. Set up alerts if the inventory drops to a set threshold. With a comprehensive inventory management software, you will instantly be able to answer who has what, when it is due back and how many you have in stock. You can also set alerts to know when a particular item expires or requires maintenance—keep your force safe and in compliance. Be proactive with budgeting and forecast exactly what is needed and when.

3. Increased Employee Accountability

Do you have a difficult time verifying what equipment each employee is actually issued? With an inventory management software, you can assign specific items to each officer and even implement e-sign in or out using a signature pad—no more sign out sheets that can be misplaced. Checking out assets allows you to easily assign responsibility and rights to each employee on what they can or cannot checkout.

4. Enhanced Asset Life Cycle Management

If you are tracking assets across multiple programs and spreadsheets, it is difficult to get a full picture of your inventory—and some inventory is more important to closely manage because it expires, such as ballistic vests. Most vests have a five-year shelf life and are critical to your officers’ safety. Use the software to easily forecast and budget for these important replacements.

One thing that is frequently missed in the lifecycle is when an item is issued and then returned back into inventory—typically, that is not accounted for. With comprehensive inventory management software, it is easy to monitor the asset’s life cycle—from purchase to issuance to repair to return to re-issuance and ultimately, retirement, sale or disposal of the item. Close the asset life cycle loop accurately with solid inventory management software.

Managing your department’s inventory and assets is no small task. With constraints on your time and budget, an inventory management software would afford you efficiencies and, in some cases, saved money. Manage your inventory and processes surrounding it with confidence by implementing a comprehensive inventory management software. If you are interested in learning more about how inventory management software like collectiveQuartermaster® can help you modernize your department’s issuance process and inventory tracking, contact us today or request a demo.