Configurable Fleet and Asset Management Software for Construction, Law Enforcement, Etc.

From its inception, Collective Data’s mission has been to provide high-end fleet and asset management software that is easy to use and configurable enough to help manage assets within construction, law enforcement, fire departments, government, utilities companies and more.

Our experience shows that although there are many commonalities on how fleet, assets and inventory are managed within construction, law enforcement, fire departments, government and utilities companies, the majority of medium to larger organizations have policies and processes in place that are unique to them. There’s a huge need for fleet and asset management software to help improve their existing processes and make everyone in the organization more productive which is why we offer configuration for all of our clients.

Inventory and Asset Management Software for Fire Departments

Although fire departments operate differently based on size and many other factors, most have an immediate need to better manage their assets, inventory and fleet. With our configurable asset and inventory management software, fire departments can now look forward to a software solution to better manage fleet, assets and inventory. 

We recently configured a 30-year budget outlook feature for a large fire department. This configuration was essential to replace a spreadsheet that was too complex for their team to be able to change any calculations, making it extremely unmanageable. The fire department gave us this spreadsheet and we did the hard work for them by configuring views where they could easily enter their data into CollectiveFleet to make the necessary calculations and be able to easily report. This has given them a more stable way to manage and configure their replacement budget moving forward, with all of their data being in one, easy to use platform

Inventory and Asset Management Software for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies such as Sheriff’s and Police Departments have unique needs when it comes to managing fleet, inventory, assets, and officer training. Our software works seamlessly with other software and hardware integrations including barcode scanners and printers, rugged mobile tables and e-signature pads to make it easy to manage your inventory.

Many sheriff’s and police departments are still using spreadsheets to manage their inventory and assets and are unaware that a fleet and asset management solution is available to save time and manage your operations more effectively.

Our configurable software is an asset and inventory management software designed to help Police and Sheriff’s Departments streamline processes and stay compliant. We will meet with you to get an understanding of what tools you need to fit your internal processes and we configure a solution made just for you.

Collective Data can help to streamline many processes within a department, most importantly staying compliant, assigning and tracking inventory and PPE, streamlining fleet management, and managing officer certifications and training.

Managing a fleet of patrol cars, admin vehicles, special units, pool vehicles, trailers, ATV, and snowmobiles, Placer County Sheriff has been able to provide even better service, produce better reports, and save time as a result of implementing Collective Data. Managing 300 active assets as well as data related to 500 inactive assets, Placer County Sheriff knew that it was becoming too cumbersome and time-intensive to continue to manage a fleet of their size with spreadsheets. They were in need of a software that would help to improve productivity and give them the ability to manage costs, prove maintenance histories, manage work orders, and help them work more efficiently with the same amount of staff. After looking at about 12 different systems, Placer County Sheriff chose Collective Data to help solve the challenges they faced. They immediately saw a major improvement in productivity, less downtown and a better view of fleet status after implementing Collective Data.

Inventory and Asset Management Software for Government

Federal, State, County, City and other governmental agencies rely on the fact and accurate information exchange to provide services to the community. Collective Data offers asset and inventory management software solutions that enable agencies to do more by gathering and synthesizing your information in one configurable asset management software for governmental agencies

Fleet maintenance, parts inventory, warranties, employees and so much more can be managed with our governmental asset and inventory management software in order to improve job performance and reduce wasteful spending.

Managing 400 pieces of equipment that support and provide services to more than 80,000 residents, the City of O’Fallon began searching for an all-encompassing fleet management system to keep track of their mixed fleet of administrative cars, police cars, class 1-6 trucks, and excavating equipment. The City of O’Fallon was looking to improve many aspects of their fleet operation through the use of a new fleet management system. Among them were:

  1. Fleet accountability: They needed to have a system that displays all the vehicle and excavation assets the city owns in an easy-to-use format.
  2. Fleet operations organization: They needed a better method to collect the data needed to show usage, usage cost, and to help set goals for future vehicle purchases.
  3. Fleet maintenance: They were looking to capture more useful information regarding maintenance costs and help improve the efficiency of it being completed.
  4. Accident tracking: They needed to track accidents and costs, help improve safety, and find ways to reduce them.
  5. Specific vehicle tracking needs: They needed an easier way to track vehicle memo letters and recalls.

The City of O’Fallon chose Collective Data to provide the complete system needed to help them solve the challenges they were facing. The CollectiveFleet system was configured to meet their requirements that included the easy-to-use shop interface, budgeting and vehicle replacement forecasting, automatic delivery of upcoming tasks, and reports based on certain criteria, a PetroVend fueling system data integration, and more.

Inventory and Asset Management Software for Utilities

Electric, oil, gas, cable and telecom utilities nationwide rely on Collective Data’s asset and inventory management software to help manage their high value equipment and vehicles. With a unique set of requirements, Collective Data’s asset and inventory management software has the capability to be highly configured in order to adapt in the utility space and fit the internal processes that Utilities organizations already have in place.

Collective Data takes pride in being able to offer utility providers a way to serve the community while reducing waste. Issuing parts kits, tools, and equipment while managing jobs, costs, and employees efficiently is our strength.

Homewood Disposal operates a variety of fleet vehicles over 1000 assets that range from route trucks to stationary equipment, to trailers. They have been able to take advantage of many real-time aspects of the new fleet and asset management system to improve their operation with work orders, inventory, parts management, and overall asset management.

At the time they began to look for a fleet management system, Homewood Disposal did not have a fleet software system in place. Many processes were being tracked manually through spreadsheets and other means but it did not have the economic benefit they’d like.

Beyond the standard needs of tracking asset costs, managing preventive maintenance schedules, maintenance costs, and better parts tracking, they knew they would need a system that could adapt to their specific processes. After reviewing software on the market, Collective Data appeared to be the best fit for their organizational goals.

“We felt that Collective Data software had the most versatility for creating and improving reports,” said Kyle Yonker, Fleet Manager at Homewood Disposal. “It was also very expandable to our needs and the multiple types of uses we had planned for it.”

No matter what type of industry you are a part of, Collective Data’s fleet, asset and inventory management software can be configured to match your internal processes and organizational needs. Contact us to see how Collective Data can work within your organization to help reduce downtime, reduce unnecessary spending, save your employees time and help to better manage your fleet, assets and inventory.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to set up a demo and see how Collective Data can help you!