How the Right Data Capture Tools Can Boost Performance of Your Fleet Management Solution

At the core of fleet management tools is the ability to capture, track, and monitor the location and status of vehicles and other high-value or mission-critical assets. That functionality starts with data: where the asset is, where it’s going, and what condition it’s in. How you capture that data goes a long way toward determining the effectiveness of your fleet management solution.

A lot of fleet management solutions are based on manual data entry. That’s acceptable in some applications, but the reality is that barcode scanning usually provides much more accurate data with dramatically less work. So, even though hardware is optional when you’re deploying a Collective Data fleet management solution, we believe there’s a lot of value in considering the role that data capture technology can play in helping you build the most effective solution. Simply put, building your fleet management solution on a hardware platform that streamlines and improves data collection will enhance the performance, utility and payback you see from just about any fleet management system.

That brings us to Zebra Technologies. We’ve been a Zebra partner for a number of years, utilizing their technology and expertise to enhance the functionality of fleet management solutions for a wide variety of customers, including transportation and logistics companies, public safety agencies, utilities, and other government organizations.

There are a number of reasons we strongly recommend pairing our fleet management software solutions with Zebra mobile computers and rugged tablets. First and foremast is durability — Zebra devices are engineered to deliver reliable performance in the environments that our customers face day in and day out. But another factor that sometimes gets overlooked in fleet management solutions is the performance of Zebra data capture tools that are built into just about every Zebra handheld mobile computer and rugged tablet.

Zebra has been perfecting barcode scanning and data capture technology for more than 50 years and, quite simply, there’s no one better at first time, every time scanning. From an end-user perspective, it’s often enough to know that every time you use a Zebra mobile computer or rugged tablet to scan a barcode on a vehicle or a piece of gear, you’re going to get the best barcode reading performance available.

The Differentiator: Zebra DataCapture DNA

At the core of Zebra’s barcode scanning is Zebra DataCapture DNA, a suite of built-in applications, utilities and software tools that make it easy to ensure your scanners maximize every aspect of device performance. That includes making them easier to deploy, a snap to integrate with Collective Data fleet management tools, simple to maintain, and easy to secure.

Having Zebra DataCapture DNA built into every Zebra barcode scanner, mobile computer and rugged tablet delivers advantages at every area of operations. It gives IT administrators the ability to quickly configure scanners at the point of use, including security options to protect against potential security vulnerabilities. And front-line workers will really notice the difference in productivity. Instead of sluggish scanners that require frequent rescans, they’ll appreciate reliable first time, every time scanning performance that delivers a measurable boost to overall efficiency.

Collective Data fleet management tools easily integrate with Zebra rugged tablets, handheld mobile computers and barcode scanners. To learn more about the ways this partnership can improve your ability to track and manage your high-value assets and mission critical equipment, contact Collective Data today.