Improve Labor Productivity With Fleet Management Software

Fleet Productivity Saves Time and Money

What would you do with 10% more staff? Implementing fleet management software can be like adding a new member to your team. Every organization is different, but there are many areas where productivity can be improved…no matter how small it may seem. Let’s take a look at a few and measure how productivity can save money.

Improve how you schedule fleet maintenance & repairs.

Efficient scheduling is a big benefit of implementing fleet management software. You’ll have a better idea of what work needs to be done, what resources you have to complete them and how long it’s taking. Using the tools available you can more easily determine:

  • Is your shop under or overstaffed to keep up with the level of maintenance/repairs required to keep your fleet at optimal service levels?
  • Are there ways to schedule more efficiently to reduce overtime work?
  • Can we save time and labor costs by scheduling more required services to be completed at the same time if it’s within a certain schedule range?

In a 40-hour workweek (2,000 hours/year), you can typically see 10% savings in labor time (200 hours per year) with a fleet management system that’s easy to use. If you had 5 mechanics with an average rate of $35 per hour (this varies of course), you could save $35,000 through improved staff scheduling alone.

Mechanics will spend less time looking for information and more time on jobs.

How do your mechanics currently access repair history records? Wasted time in retrieving repair history records is a common time-killer in fleet operations. Collective Data software gives you, at a click on one button, a complete repair history of any specific asset during any time period.

Real-World Example:

In a past blog, The Hidden Costs of Fleet Operations, we mentioned a story about a customer who was having issues tracking equipment work history. Some of their vehicles were recently assigned to have synthetic ATV fluid. But, because there was no easy way to see the work history, mechanics would sometimes put in standard ATV fluid as they didn’t know that vehicle should be receiving it.

Using fleet management software like Collective Data’s takes the guesswork out of work orders for mechanics. They’ll be able to see exactly what they need to do, what fluids should be used, what parts, etc. They’ll waste less time, be able to get more done, and be happier in the end. Chances are that most mechanics would rather be working on equipment than fumbling around with software.

In a 40-hour workweek (2,000 hours/year), you can typically see 5% savings through improved mechanic efficiency. By just shaving off 100 hours of wasted time throughout the year, mechanics are able to complete more work to help keep everything on schedule. If you had 5 mechanics with an average rate of $35 per hour, you could save $17,500 through mechanic efficiency improvements.

Improve administrative processes.

Fleet managers, administrators, and executives will all benefit from having a high-end fleet management system, particularly in the area of reporting and analysis. Dave Leicht, Fleet Manager for Emergycare out of Pennsylvania, mentions in this testimonial video how he’s saved a tremendous amount of time using Collective Data software. He was able to reduced manual data entry and the ease of use has allowed him to spend more time on other tasks.


As you begin looking for fleet management software, list down a few important things that you would like an answer at a moment’s notice in relation to labor time in your organization. The right software should help you answer those questions all while reducing the time you would spend trying to find that information in the first place.

To see how Collective Data fleet management software can help, request a demo.