Collective Data Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Clients with High End Fleet and Asset Management Software

Collective Data was founded in 1997 by CEO Jason Wonase who built the original software products on his own. Since then, the company has experienced annual growth, providing a web-based platform that allows configurations to provide individualized solutions to their clients. 

May 1st marked the 25th anniversary for Collective Data, a fleet, asset and inventory management software company. Collective Data has grown exponentially over the last 25 years and now provides a web-based fleet and asset management platform.  

“I don’t usually think back much on the journey of running a business but realizing the 25 year milestone certainly gave me some pause on the intense but rewarding experiences I have had. We’ve gone through multiple product rewrites, team changes and growth, market adjustments, and countless opportunities. But the chance to work with so many bright and motivated individuals and teams over the years, along with an amazing set of clients and partners is something I will always cherish. The accomplishments and benefits we have been so fortunate to be part of over the years is directly contributed to the brilliance, energy, and tireless effort of many individuals. I will forever hold high gratitude to everyone that has contributed and been part of our journey. I look forward to many more years of helping wonderful clients.” – Jason Wonase, CEO