Benefits of a Fleet and Asset Management SaaS Subscription

Collective Data offers the option to locally install your application on your own servers, which means that your IT team accepts the responsibility for managing the servers that manage the application and will be your contact for the technical support of your platform. We also offer a SaaS subscription where we own the hosting of your application, which means that you have full access to our technical support team to quickly solve any issues that come up. Along with our technical support team, there are many other benefits that Collective Data offers by hosting your application. 

A SaaS subscription means that the customer does not own the application, but pays an annual subscription to use it. Included with the SaaS subscription is access to our technical Support team and peace of mind knowing that you will always be receiving the newest updates to the application. 

Recently, we had a locally hosted client whose application was inaccessible for two days due to limited availability within their IT department. With their application being hosted on premises, we had no way to resolve the issue for them. If their application was hosted by Collective Data we could have immediately corrected the issue and the client could have avoided the downtime along with sending employees home due to the application being inaccessible. 

Along with avoiding downtime, here are 5 benefits to a SAAS subscription to have Collective Data host your application. 

1. Your IT team doesn’t need to be involved when any issues arise. This allows us to streamline any necessary fixes to your application.  

2. We have direct access to your application through your URL if any issues or questions arise so we can investigate.

3. If something were to happen with your data, we have multiple backup sites that keep the data safe and secure.

4. With our team being your first contact for any questions, this saves your IT team time to focus on other tasks within your organization.  

5. When new updates are released for the system, you get instant access to them without having to go through hoops and hurdles for your IT team to apply them.

If you are interested in moving from an on-prem application to a SaaS application, contact us to learn more.

No matter what type of industry you are a part of, Collective Data’s fleet, asset and inventory management software can be configured to match your internal processes and organizational needs. Contact us to see how Collective Data can work within your organization to help reduce downtime, reduce unnecessary spending, save your employees time and help to better manage your fleet, assets and inventory.