What Makes Fleet Management Software Successful in the Long-Term?

There are a lot of options available for fleet management software. Finding that perfect one that has it all can be a difficult task. From managing maintenance, improving fleet productivity, controlling part inventory, to monitoring fuel data, all are essential to a company.

Find out what your companies goals are. What is important to them to have in their fleet management software? There are a lot of different features offered in each system but not all are needed, let alone important to the user. Narrowing down what you would like to have, need to have, and what it is you can afford should be part of how you reduce your fleet management software choices. Here a few base factors you should include in your search.

Ease of Use

Not everyone is computer or technologically savvy, so having fleet management software that’s user friendly is important. From technicians to operations, all should be able to navigate the system easily. Having fleet management software that isn’t intimidating to the user gains more productivity because it encourages them to use it and in the end, delivers better data for reporting.


What happens when your business changes and you have new ideas? Having fleet management software that changes as you change is also critical. This way you don’t have to worry about purchasing something new and learning all over again. It’s the simplicity of having the ability at your disposal to make these changes.


As you grow or change how you operate, you will want something that keeps up. Fleet management software that can add on additional features and upgrades as your business is moving forward is high on the list. You shouldn’t need to wait until the next update comes along; look for the ability to add pieces as you go, making it fit to your needs.

Real-Time Information

Operating in real-time can have a large impact on your overall business performance. Having the ability to log in and start tracking immediately gives you the ability to look up and research anything at any given time. You’ll gain piece of mind knowing you have the most recent information at your fingertips.

Graph Reporting

Beyond powerful data reports, having the ability to be able to show information in graphs can be very helpful. When you display your information in charts and graphs it is easier to understand and interpret the data. This allows yourself and others looking at the data to have a better understanding of the overall report. This way you can find trends that may have been overlooked in the past.

Return on Investment

It is impossible to know for certain what the future revenue of new software will bring you, but fleet management software should help you achieve a return on your investment. Whether you’re looking to save money with equipment, parts, labor or administrative tasks, finding the right fleet management software will help you manage resources more efficiently which should lead to savings down the road. The software eventually pays for itself giving the company the cost savings they were looking for.

Program Integrations

Being able to incorporate other programs with your fleet management software gives you the opportunity of having one comprehensive system for fleet management. This can clean up the work of having to do double entry, common errors in math, and being able to easily access different reports that integrate that data. Instead of running two programs simultaneously, you incorporate them together as one; you are able to work the data together to create real-time information.

Customer Service

Customer service is important for a number of reasons. It would be difficult for a company to purchase software and start running it without having any questions. Finding the fleet management software that offers phone, email, and in person support is important. Of course, good customer service goes beyond the first initial install; it’s being available throughout the life of the software and your business.


Ease of use, configuration ability, scalability, real-time information, graph reporting, return on investment, program integrations and customer service are a few things to consider when making your decision on fleet management software that rights for you and your company. There are other things that are important with a good system but this is a good start. So, what exactly does make fleet management software successful? This answer is different with each company and user. Some would say it is as simple as the money involved, some might say it’s the data usage and how it benefits them, others might agree on ease of use. Getting down to the core of what is actually going to make your business’ day to day operations easier and in the end benefit the company is what should be considered.