Fleet and Asset Management Software Designed for Sheriff’s Departments

Rear view of Deputy Sheriff behind patrol car watching suspect

Sheriff’s Departments have unique needs when it comes to managing fleet, inventory, assets, and officer training. Our software works seamlessly with other software and hardware integrations including barcode scanners and printers, rugged mobile tables and e-signature pads to make it easy to manage your inventory.

Many sheriff’s departments are still using spreadsheets to manage their inventory and assets and are unaware that a fleet and asset management solution is available to save time and manage your operations more effectively. Our configurable collectiveSheriffs solution is an asset and inventory management software designed to help Sheriff’s Departments streamline processes and stay compliant. We will meet with you to get an understanding of what tools you need to fit your internal processes and we configure a solution made just for you.

Our CollectiveSheriffs solution can help to streamline many processes within a department, most importantly staying compliant, assigning and tracking inventory and PPE, streamlining fleet management, and managing officer certifications and training. 

Stay Compliant

Ever-changing regulations will often shift the needs of your department. CollectiveSheriffs is easily configurable and adaptable to ensure you remain current with these shifting changes. Be proactive with software that ensures you remain compliant by performing audits and inspections.

Assign & Track Inventory and PPE

Track where your assets and inventory are, who has them, and when they are due for maintenance or expiration.

Streamline Fleet Management

Track fuel management and planned vehicle maintenance. Manage motor pool requests and reservations, assign and manage vehicle kits and assets from requests to retirement.

Manage Officer Certifications & Training

Documenting officer training is more important than ever. Save time with automatic alerts for all required license and certification tasks that are either due or in the pipeline, including weapon qualifications and active duty training.

While these tools and features are important, this is only scratching the surface of what collectiveSheriffs can do to streamline processes in your department. If you’re interested in learning more about our software, contact us to schedule a demo today!